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Arcan G.

A Consultant from İstanbul, Turkey

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Arcan's Consulting Profile

Master Coach, Facilitator & Management Consultant
After more than 20 years of experience in different sectors, I am quite enthusiastic to help people and organisations who are willing to change and help themselves. My current skills and expertise in executive coaching, facilitation and business consultancy will help them make things easier to change, improve and develop to achieve what they desire. I believe in helping others to achieve their dreams or act as catalyst in their journey and in a way that defines what job satisfaction is for me. This way, we (together with people I work with) make a difference for us, people around us and the community we live in.

Currently, I am interested in exploring and working on Business Models through which I can help people and companies I work with to create awareness and explore possibilities and innovate. In this area, I am following Alex Osterwalder and his team, Steve Blank and Dave Gray to further my experience and understanding.

Expertise Areas: I am currently working as an Accredited Facilitator (by IAF), an Accredited Master Coach (by IIC) and HR Consultant.



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Arcan's Consulting Expertise

30 Years of Experience

Human Resources

I have worked as HR Manager in Pizza HUT and Coca-Cola Bottlers Operations. I did Local and International projects on Competency Based HR Management and integration of processess.

30 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

I would say I amexperienced in both personal and organisational. Especially on Training Needs Analysis, Learning styles and Individual Development Planning. I am capable of designing customised training programs or workshops on the topic.

23 Years of Experience


I am a licensed trainer of a "Coaching & Feedback" training program and I also serve as an executive coach in both Turkey and abroad.
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