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Shona M.

A Business Coach from Oxford, United Kingdom

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Personal Development Coaching and Training
Shona is a Facilitator, Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP and Professional Coach. Highly experienced in the development of people, Shona has a flair for improving individual's standards of performance & competency.

Shona specialises in helping people enhance their life skills and achieve results in their career. With 17 years experience in management and personal development Shona is a member of the CIPD, a Gold member of The Professional Guild Of NLP and Graduate member of The Coaching Academy.

Working as Executive Coach and Facilitator throughout the UK, within the corporate sector she works with Chief Executives, managers and front line employees helping them address leadership qualities, improve team working, and develop company vision and values.

'I will help you grow in confidence and self-awareness so that you will achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality. You will create new strategies, set smarter goals and develop personal effectiveness. You can have everything you long for'

Shona also delivers inspirational speeches and is happy to be booked for events and after dinner talks. She can be heard regularly on BBC Radio.

Her Clients include:

Wates, FX Corporation, and Deutsche Bank, Nestle UK, SMTS, Hemsley Fraser, Sussex Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and the Cabinet Office, Synergy



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Shona's Coaching Expertise

36 Years of Experience


Accredited LCA Coach and master practitioner of NLP. Specialised in Corporate and Private Coaching

Offers the services of a personal coach to executives, high potential candidates and other employees requiring support and focus. The coach is available on site at the interval required by the client.

Is able to assist in development programmes and provides the coachee with commitment and honest feedback in a partnership working towards success.

31 Years of Experience


Leadership and Management Skills
Team Building Events
Stress Management Workshops
Time Management
Team Leadership Skills
Presentation Skills
The Pillars of NLP
and more.

31 Years of Experience


NLP training courses - Communication skills, sales and negotiation, soft skills - confidence building etc
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