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Nicole U.

A Business Coach from London, United Kingdom

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Communications Consultant and Coach
Nicole successfully worked as a coach and communciations trainer in the UK, Europe and the UAE. Her clients include individuals as well as companies and organisations from all backgrounds and industries.

As a coach, she helps her clients to achieve their individual goals - being it in their private or in their professional lives. Knowing our values and "what makes us tick" is essential to live a fulfilled life, bring out the best in us and turn our dreams into reality.

Through coaching clients will learn new ways of thinking and approaching situations, in order to get better results. Common goals might be being more organized and effective at work, gaining confidence in certain situations, or simply relating to other people more effectively.

For those of my clients who are in the "public eye", he provides tailored trainings for executives focusing on Public Speaking, Presentation, and Media Interview Skills.

In today's business world and working environment, communciation and general soft/people's skills are essential. In his workshops and group sessions patricipants understand how to discover, use and leverage their own individual skills and style.



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27 Years of Experience


Life, Executive and Business Coaching. Getting from where you are to where you want to be - without delay or detour.

I hold a Coaching Diploma from CTI (Coaching Trainign Institute) and I am a qualified Co-Active Coach.

31 Years of Experience

Presentation Skills

Presentation means far more than PowerPoint slides and hand-outs. we present every day of our lives by talking to our colleagues, clients, competitors. Mastering Presentation Skills is about confidence and finding your personal style.

36 Years of Experience


Media interviews are an opportunity to get your story and message across to thousands, well, millions of people. Unfortunately, an opportunity that is often missed. Knowing how to get the right message to the right audience, and to deliver it in the most appropriate and professional style is the secret of credible media interviews.
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