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Matt S.

A Business Coach from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Coaching Skills Training Specialist
Matt helps managers motivate their teams to higher levels of performance.

He teaches managers the art of coaching so that they have a guaranteed way to gain access to the resources and talents of their people. Matt shows how this makes individuals, teams and organisations far more productive and effective.

He has been a professional coach and consultant these past 10 years and has also trained more than 200 managers in coaching skills. Matt got into training via his experience of customer care in retail banking.

His Sunderland-based training company is continuing to expand after being recognised with a quality mark for one of their many programmes. Matt obtained the award from the Association of Coaching for their two-day residential course, which they run several times throughout the year at Longhirst Hall, Morpeth.

Matt said: "This is great news for the company, as we feel it reflects our unswerving commitment to coaching skills training for managers and team leaders across the North East." The mark represents an acknowledgement that the course meets strict recognition criteria, and is aligned with a code of ethics and a complaints process.

As well as achieving the quality mark, the company has also recently undergone an extensive rebranding exercise under the guidance of Pulse Creative Marketing. Matt said: "It's becoming more and more common that organisations perceive it to be the manager's responsibility to coach their team members, but they are not necessary given the right training. That's where we can help - feedback indicates that participants really feel that they arrive at our programmes as managers and leave as coaches."

Matt’s speciality: Coaching Skills Training



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Matt's Coaching Expertise

35 Years of Experience


Matt has more than 15 years experience in providing coaching skills for managers and all our courses are centred on the world of work. You're a manager who needs to get results from people, you don't want to become a psychotherapist or olympic athlete.

His coaching skills training is based on providing answers to the real daily challenges:

How do I motivate my team?
How do I help my people manage in these tricky times?
How can I challenge difficult behaviour?
How can I make sure my organisation survives and prospers?

35 Years of Experience

Train the Trainer

Matt ss a renowned classroom trainer and has delivered events across the globe. Able to teach these skills to new trainers.

40 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

Matt got into training through his experience of customer care in retail banking.

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