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Hans S.

A Consultant from Hilversum, Netherlands

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Highly sought after Mystery Shopping Expert, member MSPA
This Holland-based facilitator enjoys with enthusiasm national and international Mystery Shopping relationships and recognition for quite some time. Hans offers a complete and practical programme and support in order to assure the best returns on investment.

The Disney philosophy is the basis of his vision and methodology. His well known and leading organization in qualitative experiences and contacts developed a well functioning approach to realizing a constant quality guest-customer experience which often exceeded expectations.

Hans is a member of the Opening Crew Euro Disney, later to be renamed Disneyland Paris, and worked as an operation manager and trainer in this theme park from 1991 up to and including 1995. In addition to his formal education in Tourism Management (NWIT Breda) he also was employed with Dolfinarium Harderwijk National Car Rental Walibi-Flevo/Six Flags Holland Landal Greenparks NOC/NSF.

Hans' experience in customer oriented sales and marketing as well as his education at the Disney University make him the ideal candidate to professionally assess any organization or to lead complex mystery shopping projects globally.

These experiences have been included in the unique software modules for each branch of business and they form the basis of his organization.

By asking the right questions and identifying oneself with your company his reviewers are inspired to give motivating feedback after a number of interactions with your people (phone, e-mail, person to person, written, website etc). Hans' job is to prepare clear hands-on reports and constructive feedback which will stimulate your people in the workplace.

His Clines include:
CenterParcs - Jogchems Theaters - HMSHost - Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.
Of course we also provide professional services to smaller companies.

Hans supports clients with his qualitative research. You too can now select to use his system (anywhere!) with your entire team of people or only one specific department in order to get feedback from your customers on how your products or people are doing. Your reward will be fast coming in repeat business, positive mouth to mouth advertising and a positive working environment.



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Hans's Consulting Expertise

41 Years of Experience

Business Strategy

International Mystery Shopping Expert. Consults, trains and coaches in the following areas:

* Qualitative and online reporting
* Software directed reporting; quick insight into opportunities and highlights of experiences
* Professional support with the development of quality- and service norms, the pillars of your organization.
* Benchmarking of your results
* Accompaniment; tailored coaching of users.
* Privacy guaranteed 100%
* We safeguard your data 100% with our own stand-alone software
* Experience with A-type Corporations representing various types of business
* Hands on, 24h/7d online rapports
* Motivational, positive impact for your team
* Ideal management tool
* MSPA member (guaranteed discretion, quality and access to international network)

41 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

Operational manager:
National Carrental
Disneyland Paris (opening crew!)
Six Flags
Holiday Resorts:
Landal GreenParks and CenterParcs
Host Marriott Services (Amsterdam Airport)

41 Years of Experience


Operational Management:
National Carrental
Disneyland Paris (opening crew!)
Six Flags Holland
Landal Greenparks (holiday resort)
Dutch Olympic Organisation
Disney trainer
Six Flags Holland
Inspirational leadership - customer care - teambuilding

Communication & Marketing on bachelors level
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