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Abdul P.

Creative And Innovative Business Adviser

A specialist Consultant from Wilstead, United Kingdom

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31 Years specialisation in
Business Strategy

Has developed innovative business strategies that have resulted in unprecendeted improvements in performance. Ability to develop easy to use, business financial models. Provide the Management team with hands - on training on implementation of the Strategy and the Business Plan.

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31 Years specialisation in
Strategic Management

Developing and implementing 5 year rolling Strategic Plans. Setting the vision, mission and objectives for the company. Putting into place performance management systems. Conducting Feasibility studies and Due Diligence on investment opportunities. Conducting in-house Strategy workshops for the TMT. carrying
out investment appraisals.

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33 Years specialisation in
Marketing (General)

Assisting Small and Medium size companies in developing innovative marketing plans that have led to significant increase in sales and market share. Conducting market research studies for new products/services. Training staff on marketing concepts, research and marketing tools.

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Creative and Innovative Business Adviser

Abdul has more than twenty years of experience in Business Management, Strategy Development and Implementation, Joint Ventures, Planning, Marketing, Consulting, Project Management , Executive Development and Training in companies in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. He is well trained in general business management with a Ph.D. in Strategic Management, an M.B.A. in Corporate Strategy and Finance, and a B.A. in Management Studies, as well as affiliations with a number of professional organisations ( Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, Strategic Planning Society) .

The key benefit Abdul brings to private companies is the ability to improve profitability by giving advice and practical support to owners. He is skilled in helping companies by developing creative and innovative solutions to their problems. He understands how privately owned businesses function and what is vital to their success. His expertise encompasses strategy development, business planning, cash flow funding, marketing, employment, training and development, feasibility studies, investment appraisals, and grants. His contribution is based on extensive management experience gained by working in over seven countries and up to date knowledge, of the industry best practices and regulations as well as running his own businesses. Abdul has also worked as a Policy and Strategy Adviser to two Government Ministers in the Middle East. In addition Abdul has published and presented over 20 papers in academic and business journals and is a regular speaker at major conferences and meetings. He has lectured on senior executive programmes at the Cranfield School of Management, Open University Business School and Cass Business School.

Specialties: Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Financial Modelling, Feasibility Studies, Commercial Due Diligence, Scenario Planning, Management Development, Change Management, Corporate Transformation, Team building, Project Management, Investment Appraisals, Management Training, Balanced Scorecard, Process improvement, cashflow improvement, profitability improvement, Six Sigma Black Belt
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Wilstead, United Kingdom

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Memberships, Awards, Certificats
Member of the Academy of Management Member of the Strategic Management Society Member of the Strategic Planning Society
1From Nuts to ?Nets? ? the Internet Delivers? Western Academy of Management Conference July 2003 2"Privatisation and Entrepreneurship - " Oman Business Today Part I in September 2002 issue and Part II in October 2002 issue 3 ?Entrepreneurial Emergence Post Privatisation? Chapter in the book ?Movements of Entrepreneurship? edited and produced by Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute?s (ESBRI) Stockholm June 2001 4 ?Entrepreneurial Transformation during the Privatisation process? Global Business and Economics Anthology December 2000 5 ?Impact on the Organizational Performance of the Strategy-Technology Policy Interaction? The Journal of Business Research Vol47 January 2000 6 ?Organizational Adaptation under Privatization and Liberalization? co-authored with Dr Stefan Weigand paper presented at the Pacific Telecommunications Conference (PTC ?99) Hawaii January 1999 7?Strategic Decision-making in the Middle East? Journal of Management Studies Vol 38 1998 8 ?Strategy and Technology Policy Interaction and its Impact on Organizational Performance paper presented at the Academy of Management Conference San Diego August 1998 9 ? Strategic Choices in a Dynamically Changing Regulatory Environment? paper presented at the 1998 Academy of Management Conference San Diego August 1998 10?Exploring the nature of the Strategy ? Technology Policy Interaction and its impact on Organizational Performance? Advances in Management Journal Vol 13 1998 11 ?Strategic Choices in a Dynamically De-regulated Environment? Dynamics of Strategy Vol 2
Verstalie dynamic team player creative determined focussed results - oriented international having worked in 7 countries
Lay Member of the Schools Admissions Panel Luton Borough Council Paper Reviewer for Business and Management Journals Hiking Swimming and watching sports
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United Kingdom
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United Kingdom

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