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Challenging and Goading - Helping businesses achieve goals
Mike believes commercial success comes from building the right relationships at the right time with the right team, clients and prospects alike. Over the past ten years, he has implemented systems for the assessment and nurturing of clients, to enable companies to attract more clients, retain the better ones and build stronger long term win-win relationships.

We should invest in clients in the same way as we invest in our staff - be that recruitment, training and development.

His history is within Sales, Marketing and Management. Mike has a corporate background in finance and hospitality, where he always pushed the boundaries, achieved targets and explored new opportunities. This was then followed by international and entrepreneurial experience as a business consultant, coach and speaker. He brings almost 20 years of B2B sales, marketing and relationship development skills into a hungry and competitive marketplace.

To summarise, he has been a top salesman within the HSBC group, was responsible for corporate sales for 20 hotels with Granada Group, have managed teams of sales people, taken commercial and marketing skills into a young dot.com business, created and built my own business growth consulting and as a speaker he has spoken at many conferences nationally and internationally.

His major strengths are real business skills learnt from running his own business and assisting clients to develop their businesses, all built upon foundations from training and development in the corporate world and reinforced by academia. Since leaving the corporate world he has created, and been provided with, endless opportunities to gain further knowledge of client dynamics, the pressures of the P&L and changes in the global climate.

His broad base commercial skills will help assess the complete picture of planning, costs and people management followed by the delivery, full tracking and measurement of progress of both the successes and the weaker performers.

Besides speaking engagements Mike is also a proactive Business Consultant. He helps businesses focus and define their short, medium and long-term goals by improving:

* Performance
* Practice
* Productivity
* Profits

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Mike Is Known For Achieving High Levels Of Success With Clients. Through His Professionalism And Ability To Look At All Projects Laterally He Brings A Fresh And Intuitive Approach To Situations. Being A Straight Talker Mike Does Not Shy Away From The Hard Questions And By Building Strong Working Relationships Is Able To Follow Projects Through To A Successful Completion.


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Business Strategy

32 Years of Experience
Is there a clear vision for the future of your business?
Do you have steady growth or static growth?
What is your business known for?
Is your cashflow controlled by a small number of clients?
When was the last time you took some neutral advice?
By asking questions such as these he assists in the creation of clear goals, plans and strategies for growth and further profitability.
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Marketing - General

27 Years of Experience
‘If you can’t measure it or track it then you can’t do it’ – that is what Mike would say if he was your sales and marketing director.

We spend too much money, time and effort on randomly selected marketing methods whose effectiveness is not measured or tracked. Mike will help your business develop a winning sales pipeline that delivers and produces results from core marketing activities.

This is achieved by concentrating FULLY upon 4 or 5 key marketing methods only rather than trying a little bit of everything. Focused Marketing enables companies to immediately save costs; by measuring the real Return On Investment (ROI) against all activities we can then repeat those that are successful and drop, remove and or recalibrate the others.

Through implementing simple tracking techniques you will identify the make up of your contact to contract ratio, making it easier to spot success and celebrate more. The Rule here is before commencing with any marketing techniques a clear ROI must be set, without this companies can’t justify the outcomes.

Whenever Mike delivers audiences take plenty of notes and leave with clear actions plans to work on. It’s simple ‘Business Sense.’
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Sales - General

32 Years of Experience
He has directly influenced millions of pounds of business volume within large corporations by encouraging and developing staff and clients. Mike uses standard sales procedures and account management tools in conjunction with appropriate motivation and rewards to achieve high levels of success.
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Mike P.
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Don't Take It Personally

Does "no" mean they are actually rejecting my brainchild, my sweat and blood and me? How can this be so? That small phrase "Sorry, not interested" - can ...
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