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Trevor B.

A Business Trainer from Bicester, United Kingdom

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Expert Sales & Marketing Trainer
Trevor provides focussed training solutions to meet your business requirements. The techniques have proved to produce outstanding results in highly competitive markets and delegates can put them into practice immediately.

The training methods include individual and group exercises, self-appraisal, role-play and video. This mix ensures the courses are interactive, fast paced and motivational.

All Training courses can be adapted to meet your business requirements and the training needs of the delegates. These courses could include a selection of topics from several courses. Customised courses can be of any duration required.

Trevor has 14+ years successful sales and marketing experience, of which 10 years has been in the healthcare market. His expertise includes sales, training, management and marketing in pharmaceutical and surgical markets.

As a sales manager for Allergan Ltd, Trevor was successful in leading both surgical and pharmaceutical divisions to achieve outstanding results in highly competitive markets. As part of a European marketing team Trevor developed and executed the UK pharmaceutical strategy, including the launch of new campaigns and products.

Trevor has great experience in training and developing sales representatives and sales managers who have gone on to achieve considerable success in the industry.

Trevor’s business success is supported by his academic qualifications including BSc Hons in Biological Sciences, HNC in Business Studies & Finance and the CIM Diploma in Marketing. He is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Existing clients include:

Merck Pharmaceuticals, BOC Medical Gases, Centerpulse, Clement Clarke, among others



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Trevor's Training Expertise

40 Years of Experience

Sales - General

Solution Selling, Presentation Skills, Essential Selling Skills, Key Account Management, Business Planning

32 Years of Experience

Marketing - General

Marketing Principles: PLC, Marketing Planning, Marketing Mix, Promotional Mix

35 Years of Experience


Sales Management: Motivation, Training, Coaching, Appraisals
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