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Why should I upgrade to PRO+?

Expertbase is a unique platform specifically designed for brainy people interested in temporary project work from all over the world who would like their professional expert profile listed in a professional and impactful manner. Our PRO+ plan is competitively priced at US$ 199 (billed annually). Visitors to your PRO+ profile will be able to know your full name, the company you are with and most importantly, visitors can contact you directly.

Your subscription of US$ 199 annually buys you a professional and elegant web presence which displays who you are, what you do, and what you can offer. It provides potential clients looking for, say, a specific trainer, consultant or a professional speaker, with exactly the details they'd need to know about you because IT IS THERE!

We've spared no effort to ensure you build as much UNIQUE data about your work into your profile that you do get found! Visitors to your profile can contact you effortlessly and securely through your profile and start a conversation. You do not need to inform us about any business you get out of your PRO+ profile. No need to pay us any commissions or fees.

How does PRO+ compare to the Free Plan?
Best is to have a closer look at our Plans Comparison. For any queries just ask!
PRO+ PLAN: How many profiles can I post?
Each registered user can post one profile. A user is a person who has signed up for a free user account either through Expertbase or with Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin's free authentication services. If you wish to post another profile, maybe for a colleague, partner or a friend you will have to register a new user. You can do that here. Tip: sign out first :)
PRO+ PLAN: Can I gift, donate or transfer a PRO+ Plan?
Yes you can gift, donate or transfer your plan to anybody you like! Just get in touch with us and we'll take care of it for you.
PRO+ PLAN: Do you offer Volume pricing for the PRO+ Plan?
Absolutely. We offer attractive volume pricing structures for our PRO+ Plan to help businesses in the training / coaching / consulting industry get the maximum value and exposure for its employees or associates. Just drop us a line!
PRO+ PLAN: How do you charge if I get work through Expertbase?
If you are on a PRO+ PLAN we charge you NO FEES other than the annual US$ 199. It is that simple.
PRO+ PLAN: How does the 7-day Money-Back Guarantee work?
It is that simple: if you think that within 7 days after your purchase of your PRO+ upgrade you are not totally satisfied with anything we've promised or you've expected then we'll refund you the full amount. No questions asked.
PRO+ PLAN: How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel anytime. If you cancel within the 7 day period after signup you'll receive a full refund. After that, your subscription will run till the end of the tenure but won't renew anymore. Your profile will then be downgraded back to our Free Plan. Please visit your Paypal account to manage your subscription or drop us a line.
PRO+ PLAN: Will I be guaranteed any work or leads?
If there's a portal out there that guarantees you work then go for it - and let us know how that's going for you.

While we worry about getting traffic onto your profile we need you to ensure that you've posted a crisp, clear and concise profile (truthful, without spelling or grammar problems) and a great profile mugshot photo. The more detailed and SPECIFIC you are the more likely it will be for you to be found by potential clients.

Clients who are looking for Trainers, Consultants or Speakers for temporary assignments can post OPPORTUNITIES (in short: OPPS). Have a look through them and apply for anything you like. With a bit of luck one or the other is yours to deliver!

PRO+ PLAN: Can I pay in monthly instalments?
As of today we offer the possibility of full fee settlement in advance for our yearly renewable PRO+ plan. This includes a 7-day money-back guarantee starting on the day of your subscription.