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Top reasons why your next Opportunity should be listed on Expertbase

100% Free

Add as many Opportunities as you want. Edit or delete them as you see fit - anytime and totally free of charge.

100% Results

We make sure that you get the best possible Expert(s) your money can buy so that you get the results you've envisioned.

100% Privacy

We only disclose your identity to candidates on a need-to-know basis and only with your permission. Your personal or company details will never be made public. We will never spam you or sell your data.

No Fees on Top

We want to help you make your project as cost-effective as possible. If you hire an Expert through us we usually charge a service fee to the Expert. For larger or bespoke projects we usually negotiate a retainer or a fee or find a custom solution for you. It's that simple.

Zero Risk

If you don't like an Expert we recommend you have no obligations. If an Expert you chose for your project does not deliver as promised it's on us. That's Zero Risk for you.

100% Accuracy

Anybody can find any expert in 5 minutes. Right? Wrong. Sourcing the right expert for your project just isn't as straight-forward as you might think. We first make sure we really understand your requirements. We research. We vet candidates. We'll introduce you to candidates who will delight you with their work.

100% To Budget

You can set your budget in our wizard, or let us know later. If it is doable we'll make it work to your budget. If not we'll inform you. You are in the driving-seat.

Greater Reach

Expertbase can introduce you to Experts we may specifically source for you to meet your requirements. Anywhere.


Expertbase is run by a team of industry experts with a combined century of experience working with Clients in over 30 countries.

Expert Categories we can assist with

Post into the Category that's right for you.
Business Coaching
Business Consulting
Business Training
Celeb Appearance
Chairing / Compering
Interim Management
Professional Speaking
Science, Tech Speaking

Opportunities - FAQ

How many Opportunities can I post?
There's no limit. Every opportunity posted on Expertbase will be vetted by a qualified member of the Expertbase Team or anybody we may commission to do so.
I posted an Opportunity but I can't see it listed
All Opportunities are human validated before they are switched live.

Live Opportunities can be found ▸ here. If you can't find it there there could be 3 reasons:

1) We may have a backlog and couldn't get to validate your opportunity yet.
2) We may not have been able to get hold of you to vet your opportunity
3) We may have put it on hold or rejected it.

Please sign into your Dashboard first to check the current status. If that doesn't help please ▸ get in touch with us so we can look into it.

How can it be free? Where's the catch?
No catch! Our service is effectively free for you because we secure a standard service fee of currently 16.5% from the expert(s) you choose to award your work to.
Can I post employment opportunities?
Absolutely not! We only accept temporary project opportunities for trainers, coaches, consultants, speakers, facilitators.
What happens after I've posted an Opportunity?
First, you will receive a confirmation email. We'll have a look at it and iron out any specific queries we may have to be 100% sure your requirements are clear. We then approve your opportunity (switch it live). Depending on how specific your opportunity is it may take a little time until potential candidates apply or get in touch with us. We will keep you posted and involved on every step of the way and it will be YOU who decides whom you want to award to work to.
How long does it take until we can review candidates?
You feared this answer - and here it is: it depends. The more specific / exotic your requirements are the harder it will be to find and attract candidates.
What if things go belly-up during delivery?
Every industry has its own black sheep. If an expert made promises s/he can't or won't deliver satisfactorily as agreed in writing then it is on us. This is extremely rare and we treat this as a serious matter. We may have a closer unbiased look into the circumstances from all angles to get to the bottom of it. If we find evidence that supports your case any fees you have paid we'll return to you. The expert(s) concerned won't be paid for their work. Experts who make promises they can't honour have no place on Expertbase.

As an alternative and depending on the situation and circumstances we may be able to recommend to you another expert.

We found an Expert some other way.
That's great news! Please close the respective opportunity from your Dashboard's Opportunities tab.
We first wanted a Virtual delivery but now prefer it In-Person
No problem. Sign in, visit your Dashboard and edit the respective Opportunity in the Wizard.
An opportunity we posted changed. What do I do?
It depends a little on how far we are with your project and what these changes mean. We will try to accommodate your changes as good as we possibly can.
An opportunity we posted will no more be needed. What do I do?
That depends a little on how far we are with your project. Generally, until 14 days prior to your defined start date you can just sign into your Dashboard and close it without a worry. Beyond that, and depending on the agreements we may have in place with you and candidates there may be a financial implication to you. It is probably best if you keep us posted on things as they happen so that it can try and avoid situations nobody wants to be in.
Why do we receive invoices from you and not the Expert we work with?
You will receive all your invoices with agreed fees and expense from Expertbase. Your expert will invoice his expenses and fees minus 16.5% to us. Twenty years in business taught us that this is the best way for us to secure our fee.