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Claudia S.
A specialist Consultant from Koeln, Germany

Consultant for complex learning & strategy transfer

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Claudia's Consulting Portfolio

25 Years specialisation in
Business Strategy

She worked more than 10 years in strategic communications as a director in German companies. Issues - strategic change, merger and political crisis.

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25 Years specialisation in
Change Management

She was trained to be a facilitator for groups at Celemi, the leading company for change based in Scandinavia (Malmö). Based on the methodology of simulatiions and interation, she is a master facilitator for leading strategy into rollouts

22 Years specialisation in
Knowledge Management

Claudia started research in Knowledge Management in 1997. She focused on the human aspect concerning knowledge sharing and communities of practise. Due to the tool Tango she went to Celemi and worked there from 1998 until 2002 as consultant and trainer. Besides other clients, she worked for the DaimlerChrysler Corporate University to implement a new view towards knowledge, people development and the necessary structures and processes.

Coming from the PR-field, Claudia got her insight in companies from her experience as being director communication. From 1990 on she has worked with companies such as the German Automobile Club ADAC, the Postbank, and the recycling company Dual System, better known as 'The Green Dot', and the telephone company Mannesmann Arcor. Most of these companies went through mergers and big changes during that time.

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Claudia S.'s Profile

Consultant for complex learning & strategy transfer

Claudia is a consultant for complex learning processes and strategy transfer. She is the founder and partner of a company that is today the worldwide largest developer of business simulations and visual learning programs.

Claudia has been head of corporate communications in several branches for ten years (Automotive, Telecommunication, Banking, and Recycling).

She has been a facilitator and entrepreneur for the past eight years. She works internationally, mostly in Europe. Her fields of expertise are: Economics, value creation and flows, supply management and innovation.

Due to her systemic view she believes in people and processes. Her customers are worldwide operating companies in engineering and IT. Her audience comes from engineering, finance and purchasing, logistic.

Claudia's Specialties:

* Holistic company control
* Value-based orientation (according to RONA, EBIDT key figures)
* Project management and controlling of teams
* Control and leadership, strategy transfer
* Understanding key figures and processes
* Adding value with collaboration
* Controlling of streams in the company: Money, knowledge, material
* Planning the future: Introduction of the Score Card
* Economics in projects
* Preparation for large projects in companies (ERP)
* Strategic management and implementation
* Innovation - the magic secret
* Knowledge transfer and knowledge structure
* Networking - better utilisation of resources
* Intangible assets – immaterial company assets
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Koeln, Germany

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networking get people to have fun talk streight get thinks to the point quick thinker and talker entertainer facilitator
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