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Duncan W.

A Consultant from Abingdon, United Kingdom

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Self employed author, consultant, educator and trainer
Duncan is an influential Senior Manager with international experience who has a sustained record of success established in the Educational, Financial and Commercial marketplaces.

An inspirational leader and outstanding team member, who through a participative approach will create robust strategies to translate vision into achievement. Combines strong analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills with a passion for customer care and quality.

Duncan possesses excellent communication skills which have been demonstrated across several countries and cultures as well as to lead teams and organisations to full potential.

He spent his entire career working in the areas of management accounting, financial accounting, education, industry, commerce and programming spreadsheets. He spent a lot of time writing books, manuals, case studies, articles, papers, presentations, spreadsheet models … an absolute mountain of things.

Duncan dedicated my life to working to very high standards and to working quickly and built up an encyclopaedic knowledge of management accounting, financial accounting and financial management.

He acted professionally and in amateur dramatics. As a professional actor he appeared on National Radio in Malawi, taking a leading role in a play entitled Sasintha. In amateur dramatics he has appeared in a number of productions both in the UK and in Malawi.



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Duncan's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Finance for the Non Financial Manager
Product Cost Systems
Management accounting
Financial accounting
Spreadsheet modelling

31 Years of Experience

Change Management

Institutional development from the ground up. Change from the untenable to the tenable. refocus strategies

45 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Duncan addresses all aspects of management accounting for your industry; or the latest developments in Activity Based Costing, time driven ABC; how about including something to do with Zero Base Budgeting and Beyond Budgeting?
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