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Stuart W.

A Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

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Professional Training in Finance
Stuart has almost two decades of experience in finance. He has spent a large proportion of this time training people for recognised professional qualifications and offering related development training to management and staff at all levels.

Stuart studied Management Sciences at UMIST before beginning his career as a Chartered Accountant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He gained experience working with a range of clients from sole traders to large multinationals in financial services, manufacturing, publishing, health and education sectors.

Stuart formed an enthusiasm for training within PwC, and subsequently joined BPP Professional Education, one of Europe’s leading training providers. He is currently a director of The Company and manages our training programmes and associates.

Over the years, Stuart has taught thousands of trainee accountants to pass their professional exams for the ICAEW, ICAS, ACCA, CIMA, AAT and CAT qualifications. He has also helped thousands of qualified accountants keep up to date and meet their CPD qualifications.

In addition, Stuart has helped many people from non-finance backgrounds to understand financial matters.
Stuart offers traditional training, facilitated workshops, simulations, e-learning as well as individual and small team finance coaching.

Stuart has designed numerous finance training courses, both face-to-face and using e-learning technology. He has authored exams, audio guides, podcasts, training videos. He is the author of ‘Finance Basics’ (Collins ‘Business Secrets’ series) and a co-author of ‘Dragons’ Den: Grow Your Business: How to expand from small to big’, which supported the latest BBC series of Dragons’ Den.

Stuart advises the board of one the UK’s top Accounting Institutes.



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Stuart's Training Expertise

32 Years of Experience


Stuart delivers training in many aspects of accounting from basics for non-finance professionals through to advanced.

He is the author of:
- ‘Finance Basics’ (Collins ‘Business Secrets’ series)

Typical courses delivered:
- Financial Fluency
- Financial Awareness for Non-Finance
- Business Simulations
- Management Accounting
- Business Strategy
- Financial Strategy

32 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Stuart delivers training on a number of finance topics from basics for non-finance professionals through to advanced.

He is the author of:
- ‘Finance Basics’ (Collins ‘Business Secrets’ series) and
- ‘Dragons’ Den: Grow Your Business (BBC / Collins)

Typical courses delivered:

- Business Maths
- Financial Mathematics
- Investment Appraisal
- Management Accounting
- Spreadsheet (Excel) Skills for Finance
- Financial Modelling
- PowerPoint for Presentations
- Business Strategy
- Financial Strategy
- Business Simulations

32 Years of Experience


Stuart delivers training on budgeting from the basics for non-finance professionals through to advanced.

His goal is to make learning about budgeting both interesting and practical. He aims to demonstrate the challenges of budgeting in the real world.

He is the author of:
- ‘Finance Basics’ (Collins ‘Business Secrets’ series) and
- ‘Dragons’ Den: Grow Your Business (BBC / Collins) and
- Making Budgeting Work in the Real World (Nelson Croom)

Typical courses delivered:
- Budgeting and Cost Control
- Business Simulations
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