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Duncan W.

A Consultant from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Duncan's Consulting Profile

Business Management & Financial Training Consultant
Duncan is an experienced Business Management, Accounting, Banking & Credit Risk Trainer having worked with major organisations such as The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, HBOS, Business Enterprise Scotland, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce & The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.

Throughout my career he has acquired various inter-personal & technical skills from the experience he has enjoyed whilst working in a variety of roles within the Bank, which have been enhanced and developed since staring my own Accounting & Business Training business. These qualities include excellent communication and presentation skills, credit analysis, people management,business coaching & auditing skills.

Duncan is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and a member of the Institute of Financial Accountants.



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Duncan's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Credit Analysis & Problem Management skills -acquired over a number of years in my role as Senior Business Manager & in previous roles within Training & Branch Inspection. During which he was required to analyse complex situations in a pragmatic way and understand risk in order to not only anticipate but offer solutions to problems to reduce or best manage risk to the Bank. Has also obtained an in depth knowledge of security taking, documentation and the legal process.

Technical & Professional Knowledge-Detailed knowledge of Bank products and Accounting procedures obtained throughout my career in the Bank.

Offers Training and Consulting in:

* Business Planning
* Cash Flow Planning and Analysis
* Dealing with your Banker
* Essential Business Skills
* Finance for non financial managers

41 Years of Experience


Coaching & Leadership skills - obtained by training, coaching and leading teams of staff both in his Inspection days when auditing numerous Branches/Offices as well as leading the Credit Training team for the Bank in his Training role. He managed a team of 10 staff with responsibility for the problem management of the Bank's 2000 E1credit graded business positions with a total value of approx GBP100M spread throughout the Scottish Branch network.

Business Management-obtained from running his own business since December 1997 being involved in all aspects of running a small business recognised by obtaining SVQ Level 4 status as private provider for Owner Managers and speaking at various Business Seminars on running your own business.

Communication skills -acquired in all his roles, especially within training, he has acquired strong communication skills to enables Duncan to present spoken & written material in a clear and articulate manner which enables me to convey his thoughts in a manner which is easily understood by the recipient.

Relationship management skills-Obtained by managing a variety of relationships both within and outwith the Bank during his time in Inspection.

Offers Training and Consulting in:

Presentation skills
Leading workshops
Personal Development Planning
Personal Coaching
Time Management
Train to be a Trainer
Stress Management
Project Management
Business Writing Skills
Creativity and Innovation

41 Years of Experience

Risk Management

Planning & Organising Skills - obtained in all my previous roles in order to ensure key business objectives were achieved within agreed timescales as well as anticipating problems and planning strategies for action.
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