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David H.

A Business Trainer from Reading, United Kingdom

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Highly Experienced Management Development Consultant
David has been involved in training and development and education for over twenty years. Having first trained and qualified as an accountant he moved on into more general management and then management development and training.

He has operated in both the public and the private sectors and has also lectured in General Management Theory and Practice, Financial Management and Accountancy. He was a visiting lecturer at the University of Warwick, Warwick Manufacturing Group where he taught in the field of human resource management.

David has considerable experience of business and people management, organisational consultancy, training and development, and is a skilled facilitator and coach.

In addition to training and development David’s past consultancy experience includes:

• Business and strategic planning, capital investment appraisal, financial modelling, financial control and management information systems, business advisory activities, budgetary control

• Identification and design of management training and development strategy, training needs analysis, OD interventions and change programmes, problem solving workshops and group facilitated events, team building programmes and events

• Psychometric testing, design and delivery of assessment and development centres, recruitment and selection, job analysis, competency identification and definition, behaviour anchored rating scales

David holds Level B Intermediate qualification in occupational testing with the British Psychological Society

He is an accredited user of the TMI and associated instruments published by Team Management Systems, the NEO PI-R personality profile published by Psychological Assessment Resources Inc., Saville and Holdsworth's instruments including the OPQ, the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and numerous other psychometric instruments for measuring ability and personality.

David’s Specialties:
Evaluating business strategies, financial and commercial evaluation of projects, cash flow management, management development, coaching, facilitation, psychometric testing, personality profiling.
Provides consultancy for SME's and larger organisations, offering business advice and support and project work, specialising in business planning and strategy and finance; a company 'doctor' service. Also management training and development including executive coaching, personality profiling and psychometric testing.



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David's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Corporate finance
Shareholder value
Project appraisal - discounted cash flow techniques
Fundamentals of finance
Finance for executives (Corporate Finance)
Financial project appraisal
What is profit? Profit and cash
Return on investment and the basic profit model
Accruals, provisions and depreciation
Capital employed and working capital
Profit & Loss Accounts, Cash Flow Statements and Balance Sheets
Interpreting financial statements - measures of profitability, liquidity and solvency.
Cash flow forecasting
Basic sales pricing and markets
Added value and cost control
Unit costs and overhead allocation
Break-even analysis and contribution
The budgeting process
Constructing a budget
Budgetary control and variance analysis

45 Years of Experience


Strategic leadership
Managing people
Team building & team working
Managing remote teams
Strength Deployment Inventory

45 Years of Experience

Strategic Planning

Business and corporate planning
Strategic analysis, assessment, choice and implementation
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