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Jon E.

A Business Coach from Affoltern am Albis (Zurich), Switzerland

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Executive Coaching, Conflict Management & Training
International Organizations background (UN, OECD, NGOs) experienced on three continents, many countries, diverse organizational roles and settings. Expert in conflict management and leadership development.

Jon founded and directs a respected Swiss company that offers developmental coaching, group facilitation and alternative dispute resolution. His career includes both headquarters (NYC, Geneva, Paris) and field positions (Africa & Middle East) for international organizations including the United Nations, OECD, World Conference on Religion and Peace, The Aspen Institute, National Council of Churches and the Mennonite Central Committee. His present clients are primarily executives in international organizations and companies whom he advises based on adult-developmental assessment combined with his broad understanding of organizations.

Jon’s education is international and extensive. Beginning with a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies, Jon's training includes an MA in Cultural Anthropology focusing on communication and conflict, and an MSc in International Public Administration. He has been an Adjunct Fellow of the Center for International Studies of the NYU School of Law, a Stein Scholar in Ethics and Public Interest Law at Fordham University School of Law, and a theology student in Stuttgart, Germany. He is currently completing doctoral research on using developmental assessments in the finance industry at the Institute for Leadership and Personnel Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Jon is based in Switzerland and works in English and German.



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Jon's Coaching Expertise

44 Years of Experience


Inter-cultural communication skills built through graduate study of cultural anthropology and many years of international experience. Facilitation of intra- and inter-organizational communication through work in international organizations (UN, OECD, NGOs).

29 Years of Experience


Leadership development in mid- to long-term through coaching in support of social-emotional and cognitive development in adults. Basis for this is the developmental psychology of Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, Robert Kegan, Otto Laske and others.

44 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Training seminars offered on: Transforming Workplace Conflict; Negotiation Skills; and Inter-cultural Communication.
Committed life-long-learner, through formal academic training and independent study. Experience as a lecturer, researcher, policy analyst, trainer.
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