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Leadership comes from the person not the position
With about 40 years of total coaching experience including sports and business, this facilitator knows the subject of leadership well. Having worked with and for leaders of varying credentials himself, he has used his unique powers of curiosity and observation with leaders to determine what works and what definitely does not. As a sales team leader in two different industries and having practical experience with sales leaders in a number of other situations this presenter draws from a wide base of experiences on the nature and characteristics of successful leadership.

A student of his own work, he has pursued answers to the question of "What makes a leader a great leader?" and through his international work in the many varied industries of his clients, he has determined a path that all may choose, to become all they aspire to be as a leader.

A variety of experiences with leaders in the United States Navy, railroading, medical centers, education & school boards, fire and rescue services, real estate, aviation engineering, training organizations, First Nation organizations, local authorities or city government, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, bottlers & water quality industry, hotel & hospitality, automotive, trucking & transportation, international courier, multi-level & direct sales, petroleum, financial, insurance, forestry, and entrepreneurial organisations provides the very broad basis for his conclusions.

Drew firmly believes that you are either part of the solution or part of the problem and that your choices in life require you to be aware of your own unique abilities and resources in order to enhance these abilities so you will become a solution oriented player rather than a wait and watch spectator.

Today, sophisticated people do not need firing up. They need real life information and solutions that inspire them to take action to do more by becoming more. One of the underlying keys to this is the presenter’s awareness of, and the ability to work with, and get the best from others. He presents his message through stories, anecdotes, illustrations, and humour. His own inspirational honesty and sincerity drive it home and move people to take that action.

Because of the personal impact of his message on his audience, Drew is often asked back for further engagements and over 95 per cent of his business comes from referrals.



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Drew's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience


"We teach what we need to know about." Buddhist Saying.

This speaker like most others really needed to know about leadership. Most people are thrust into leadership roles because they are good at their jobs. This does not necessarily mean they are good as leaders. Most people therefore need to acquire the knowledge about what leadership is, and how to achieve results with the people they lead.

Being in that same situation at one time, this international speaker has spent the past 37 years studying leadership to the point that he has become a featured and sought after source of inspiration on this subject.

If you are a struggling leader, you can learn from many years of your own experiences or you can short cut that process and learn from a student and teacher of the subject.

Whether you are 1. a brand new supervisor unsure of how to deal with friends, older colleagues or the very young, 2. you have been around a while and are in an advanced management fast track faced with remote staff and multi faceted teams to lead, or 3. in senior management with all the responsibilities of organizational direction, there are practical solutions and techniques that are learnable and doable. This professional speaker presents his message through stories, anecdotes, illustrations, and humour. His own inspirational honesty and sincerity drives it home and move people to take the required actions.

45 Years of Experience


As we spend as much as 75 to 85 percent of each day in communication with others, I have researched and developed a series of programs that focus on the variety of communication types and styles. Beginning with the non-verbal side with a program entitled Building a Personal Reputation, we expand the concept with Assertiveness, Self Esteem and Self Confidence development.

As part of communication involves the written aspect, our Writing for Results includes notes, e-mails, and letters and then moves your skill level up to include other more specific correspondence, reports, proposals and summaries. The class finally deals with evaluations, appraisals and touches on presentation writing. A final section emphasizes how to take and record notes and minutes for your own personal use as well as the fundamentals of developing PowerPoint presentations.

As the spoken word is critical to making us understood; (Fortune Magazine asked fortune 500 presidents and CEOs which skills development was most helpful in their careers.

72% said learning how to present yourself and your ideas effectively was the one most important skill!) ? many programs focus on this aspect of communication. Titles from this section include: Preparing and Delivering Effective Presentations, Train the Trainer, Powerful Influencing and Persuasion Skills, High Impact Communication Skills, and Handling People and Difficult Situations. Each program is custom tailored to client needs and further tailored on the day of delivery through an interactive process with delegates.

45 Years of Experience

General Management

In the world of business, one key to advancement is continuous improvement. This is best accomplished through the pursuit of experiential programs which add to the skill set of the individual. Our courses have been developed to include core skills which have proved timeless for significant personal growth.

All programs are developed around the five fundamental learning styles and incorporate these styles in the workbooks, PowerPoint presentations and interactive activities of each class.

Some of the programs included in the General Management group are as follows: Achieving Excellent Customer Service, Developing an Effective Telephone Manner, Managing Corporate Change, Networking for Success, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Time and Self Management, Project Management, Achieving Results Through Effective Delegation, Appraisals and Performance Management, Improving Sales Performance, Key Principles Of Marketing, Conducting Successful Meetings, Teambuilding for Impact, How to be a Highly Successful Team Leader, Handling People with Tact and Skill.

A number of programs in this area are specifically geared to various levels of leadership and include Supervising for Success, Coaching for Success, and Becoming the Leader People will Follow.

A special program developed to reflect the world we live in and one that has had tremendous demand both because of need and because of the results that have followed is Stress Awareness. The course took eighteen months to research and develop and was presented over 85 times to one client alone all with the same high satisfaction ratings each time.

All programs are researched with clients and where needed are tailored to the organizations or individuals needs. Additionally each class begins with an interactive session whereby delegates express their needs and have them answered immediately by me. A great many evaluations say this was for them one of the best parts of the day because the answers to their questions were not left in the air but rather, specifically addressed by the facilitator.
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