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Brian P.

A Consultant from Northampton, United Kingdom

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Brian's Consulting Profile

Principal Consultant
As Senior Trainer, Coach & Principal Consultant, Brian brings a wealth of experience to organisational change and people development. He is comfortable operating effectively at all levels of private and public sector businesses, regardless of their size.

He understands and appreciates that satisfying a vision can only be achieved by effective leadership and people management. Brian has had considerable experience of helping organisations, teams and individuals to fulfil their potential and take greater control of their development.

He utilises a significant range of feedback tools and development activities and is accredited to use a wide range of psychometric tests.

Brian helps organisations, teams and individuals to improve their performance by establishing not just what needs to change and why, but how the changes need to be effected. He helps businesses to train and grow their people in line with the development of the organisation. One of the hallmarks of his reputation with clients, is his ability to transfer practical skills to the client's team throughout the implementation process.

He believes that training should be fun, highly interactive and provide "real world" practical techniques and methods that can be used back in the workplace....and that's exactly what he provides.

Ongoing Support
For up to six months after any training undertaken, clients can email or phone Brian at any time for help or guidance.

Brian’s significant client list includes:
Retail, Logistics & Distribution, Pharmaceutical, Food Production, Farming, Education, Local Government, Banking, Finance, Engineering, IT, NHS, Private hospitals, Medical, Chemical, R&D, Insurance, Travel, Charities, Police, Legal, Housing Association, Highways, Telecommunications, Winemaking, Publishing, Brewing



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Brian's Consulting Expertise

34 Years of Experience


Appreciate that businesses and people are constantly changing
• Recognise the positive and negative effects of change
• Deal with the personal and emotional aspects of change
• Understand what effective leaders actually do
• Appreciate the range of Leadership styles there uses and application
• Understand own preferred Leadership style
• Appreciate the difference between Leadership and Management
• Know what and how to delegate
• Understand what makes a high performing team
• Understand the importance of communicating effectively
• Appreciate the skills of an effective communicator
• Recognise the barriers that can impair effective communication
• Learn how to receive and deliver personal feedback effectively
• Appreciate the benefits of feedback
• Be able to more effectively manage performance
• Appreciate and understand individual personality preferences
• Value the differences in others
• Utilise preferences to influence and persuade
• Apply preferences to construct an effective management process

34 Years of Experience

Team Building

Appreciate the benefits of providing excellent customer service
• Understand the consequences of not providing customer service
• Know how you would like to be viewed by your customers
• Determine what good customer service means to your internal and external customers
• Know how to establish rapport with customers
• Listen effectively & avoid using jargon
• Question effectively to discover your customers real needs and expectations
• Identify key behaviours necessary to demonstrate a customer service focus
• Identify potential barriers which might prevent you from providing an exceptional customer service
• Establish solutions to overcome any potential barriers to providing a superior service

34 Years of Experience

Change Management

Be able to identify key drivers for change
• Understand and appreciate the costs associated with change
• Appreciate the costs of being unable to deal with change effectively
• Recognise the stages of change
• Appreciate from a management perspective what is required at each stage of change
• Become aware of the reasons why people resent change and learn how to overcome the resentment
• Describe an ideal business culture to promote change
• Be able to describe appropriate behaviours to promote a new culture
• Learn how to monitor and measure culture change
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