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John Varney, logovisual, centre for management creativity, High Trenhouse Management Centre, a specialist Consultant from SETTLE | Expertbase

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Innovation, Teamwork & Leadership Developer & Facilitator

John is coach, consultant and facilitator to senior managers, management teams and ordinary members of many organisations, from multi-national corporations to community groups. A popular guest speaker on change and learning, he is regarded as a leader in the field of creativity and innovation.

His work consists primarily in developing the attitudes and beliefs of management, changing relationships and behaviours to define and achieve organisational goals. It embraces inter-company collaboration, strategy innovation, teamwork, authentic leadership, thinking methodology and creativity through team and personal coaching. He is pioneering the application of visual thinking methods to enhance education and organisational effectiveness.

An inspiring coach and facilitator who works with senior management to develop strategic dynamism and manage cultural changes. Aspects of work include personal development, leadership development and teamwork to sustain effective performance. Runs public workshops, presents to various societies, a speaker at conferences, articles published in several management journals.

John's clients have included ALSTOM, TNT GNO, Carillion, Cameron, Atkins Global, Yorkshire Water, CFS and many others across all sectors

John is an inspirational facilitator with extensive experience developing strategic leadership teams and high achievement cultural change in all industries and sectors. Designs, resources and runs highly effective bespoke programmes, events, workshops and conferences

Good at achieving attitudinal shifts and inspiring personal change to achieve organisational aims. Originator and expert in LogoVisual thinking methodology.

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John's Expertise

Team Building

37 Years of Experience
Experienced at developing teamwork cultures at every level but with focus on senior teams.
Addressing dysfunctions to achieve clarity of purpose, vision and team alignment.

Uses interactive processes and experiential learning of all kinds to achieve excellent results

Strategic Thinking

37 Years of Experience
Originator of Logovisual thinking (LVT) methodology to develop strategic understanding and thinking capability - the mind of a strategist!

Applies and trains in LVT methodology and a range of frameworks for developing strategic perspective. Skilled at facilitating group interactions to elicit shared outcomes.

Real-Time Strategic Change process achieves excellent results in quick time.


37 Years of Experience
Extensive experience of leadership development especially ideas of distributed and authentic leadership.

Uses interactive experiential methods to help senior managers grasp, commit to and perform in accordance with their leadership roles

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