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Richard C.

A Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

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Richard's Training Profile

Management, Leadership Expert, Facilitator
Richard founded a well-known training firm in 1987, having enjoyed a career which included teaching history in London and ten years in the Armed Services before he moved into management training with ICL.

He later moved to Brooke Bond as Group Training Manager of their Mallinson Denny subsidiary. Having stepped down as Managing Director in December 2005, Richard's role now includes the design and implementation of 360° feedback and working in leadership and team building at a senior level with many of our clients.

Richard works with people at all levels in organisations, and across all sectors of private industry and the public sector.

Richard's clients in the last 3 years include :

* Black Country Learning & Skills Co.
* Connexions West of England
* Defence Analytical Services Agency
* Eon Powergen
* EC Harris
* Foreign & Commonwealth Office
* Gordano School
* Intercall Conferencing Services
* Interconnector
* Interserve
* Oxford Instruments
* SunGard Public Sector
* Training Options
* Travis Perkins
* TRW Automotive Ltd
* Twinings
* Walsall Council
* Westinghouse Rail Systems



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Richard's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Offers practical, workshop-style courses with an outdoor element. It is ideal for practicing managers and potential managers who wish to develop their leadership skills and improve their understanding of their own skills and potential, in a different and rewarding environment.

Richard's courses have a record of success stretching back to 1981, and incorporate both tools and practical experiences for leading in different situations.

Richard is a specialist in 360 feedback, also known as 360 appraisal or 360 review - an excellent way of improving communication and performance management within organisations.

45 Years of Experience

Team Building

Designs and runs corporate team building programmes over a 20 year period and in over 200 organisations in both the private and public sectors.

Has unique competence in team building. Puts focus on client needs and objectives and the range of innovative and responsive solutions.


* Top Teams where our objective is to improve Executive team performance and create within the Executive team the appropriate role models for other teams in the organisation.

* Outdoor Team Building - Use the outdoors to work with teams to improve their performance back at work. Provides a meaningful experience. There's no doubt that the outdoors is a terrific learning environment for corporate team building. People really engage with it and get emotionally involved with the activities. With Richard's help, teams learn how they can do things better together - as a team."

* Team Surveys - team effectiveness questionnaires that we may use prior to a team workshop or provide as a separate consultancy service.

* Team Building Plus - a longer term corporate team building programme, phased over 3-6 months, in which we align the whole team to the process, identify the main issues and collect the perceptions of team members, run a workshop to tackle the issues and different perceptions, and get commitment to action plans for both the individuals and the team.

45 Years of Experience


* Board of Directors' or Senior Managers' workshop or strategy session
* Sales Conference
* Staff Conference
* Customer Conferences
* Innovation Workshop
* Customer/Supplier Partnership Review

Specific strengths are :

* Unrivalled experience in working with organisations in both private and public sectors and quickly getting "under their skin"
* Specifically skilled at building rapport at senior levels - we apparently have "gravitas!"
* A terrier-like focus on outputs and action plans
* An open and trusting style - no hidden agenda
* A creative, practical and flexible approach
* We are fun to work with
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