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Jim J.

A Business Coach from Frederick, Maryland, United States

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Leading Change Management Consultant and Coach
Jim is a veteran of more than 20 years in the corporate world at such companies as AT&T, Nortel Networks and ProLink Services. With a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and a Professional Coach Certification from New Ventures West, he has a depth of experience and education and knows how to manage talent and inspire today’s leaders.

Whether he’s working with entire companies, organizational teams or individuals, Jim’s goal is for clients to experience new ways of seeing, thinking and doing. He inspires clients to live up to their full potential and to collaborate with others with the utmost of mutual respect, effectiveness and productivity. A Renaissance Leader himself, Jim teaches staff at all levels to develop an optimal balance of analytical and interpersonal proficiencies.

Jim constantly applies innovative approaches to solving business problems. For example, while at AT&T, he mentored a team of sales representatives in developing their sales and communication skills so they could merit promotion to management positions. His coaching and creative use of role-plays and self-assessments resulted in the successful transition of 80% of the team to management-level sales positions in two years.

In 2004, Mary Kay Cosmetics hired Jim to customize a program called Create Success Now, a four-month plan to help the company’s consultants elevate their selling skills. As a result of Jim’s work, several representatives rose to the Sales Director level within the cosmetics firm.

Jim's experiences in the HR and diversity arena landed him an assignment as one of the prime vendors for Booz Allen Hamilton's Board Diversity Initiative, which is evolving the firm's approach to creating a more inclusive workplace. His project management, coaching and organization development skills helped generate significant changes to support Booz Allen Hamilton's goal of becoming an employer of choice in management consulting.

Jim's own approach to developing his career was featured in the book Out in the Workplace, which dealt with coming out issues in a corporate setting. He has also authored more than a dozen corporate training manuals as well as numerous articles for magazines and online publications. He has appeared in MWorld Magazine and frequently contributes articles to the American Management Association’s online publications. His article on “Team Building in Times of Change” was selected as the spotlight piece for an AMA Seminar Catalog, going out to over one and half million readers around the globe.

His innovative perspectives on leadership, often featured on his blog, have also appeared in publications such as HR Magazine, the New York Times Business Section, the Washington Business Monthly, the IndUS Business Journal and American Executive Magazine, to name a few.

Jim has also appeared as a guest on radio talk shows as “On Your Side” on WARX in Frederick, MD and KFOG's Morning Show in San Francisco. In 2005, Jim hosted his own radio show called "Inspiration From the Trenches: Helping Leaders Lead" for the Voice America Business Channel.

In addition to being a graduate from New Ventures West, one of the country's premier coaching schools, he has also served as a member of the organization’s certification committee and often mentors new coaches as they're learning to harness their skills and develop their own brand of coaching.

Jim's client list includes:

Mortgage Banking Systems, Wells Fargo, Frederick Fence, Long Fence, Adecco Employment Services, Bearing Point, Krusos, Respect, Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton--Executive Branding Program, The General Accounting Office, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Jacqueline Cambata Designs, Bevans Group, MedImmune Inc., Goodwill Industries, PFLAG DC, Caroline Allen, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Morrison Management Specialists, Booz Allen Hamilton, Computer Training International, Inc., DataTrac Information Services, GiniCorp, The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, Holistic Health Associates



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Jim's Coaching Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Team Building

Mention “team building,” and most business people immediately think of rather silly sessions where employees are made to engage in tedious “trust building” exercises and toss around stuffed animals while trying not to look embarrassed.

Jim takes a more adult view of team building. Since a team is a group of people working together toward a common goal, team building is vital to the organization.

Jim's team building programs involve improving the quality of communications among team members. We open up lines of communication to address real organizational issues and business problems. The results benefit the company as well as the individual participants.

His team building exercises and programs enhance the ability of individuals to work more effectively with other team members and set the foundation for inspiration and innovation. Participants at all levels not only improve communication skills, but also boost productivity and reduce conflict. All of which improves a company’s performance and bottom line, and helps the company achieve sustained success.

31 Years of Experience


* Creating a more agile and resilient leadership style
* Developing communication skills to manage people better
* Maintaining a healthy balance between the personal and the professional
* Developing better relationships with co-workers, customers and vendors
* Building high performing teams
* Personalized needs and skill assessments
* Regular coaching sessions over the phone or Skype
* Periodic email check-ins
* Full confidentiality
* Action steps and exercises
* Tailored learning materials to support your specific goals

45 Years of Experience

Conventions, Conferences

Jim makes sure that you develop a clear objective and purpose for the retreat and design a program to help you:

* Develop a focused agenda so you are clear about what you want to accomplish
* Invite the appropriate people to participate in the retreat
* Coordinate all your logistics prior to the retreat, including any pre-work participants must complete before the event
* Set the stage for productive discussions through his skilled facilitation
* Document all action items as a result from the event
* Ensure that you build in follow-up as part of the process
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