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A Business Trainer from Northampton, United Kingdom

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Internationally recognised Trainer, Consultant, Author
Tony is an internationally recognised management training and development consultant with higher degrees in behavioural sciences and management development. He has worked on programmes all over the world with organisations from many sectors, including pharmaceuticals, construction, oil and gas, financial services, retailing and airports, County Councils and the Civil Service.

He has held Management Development positions with blue chip organisations in both industry and Higher Education in the UK, namely the pharmaceutical company, SmithKline and Cranfield University.

He is a qualified and registered user for a number of psychometric tests for both mental abilities and personality tests, and has used a number of these tests or inventories on courses to increase self awareness. His main areas of expertise are in the fields of Leadership Development, People and Team Management and Communication Skills. On many qualification courses, he uses an action learning approach, where the emphasis is on both individual learning and organisation outcomes which give a significant return on investment for both parties.

He has published widely on training and development and his latest book, Developing Effective Training Skills. A Practical Guide to Designing and Delivering Group Training, was published as a 3rd edition by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in London, in January 2004.

Tony has worked in the USA in 1982-83 in Maine under the Fulbright Exchange Programme; is a Director of a Management Training and Development Consultancy based in England; a visiting Faculty member at a number of European Business Schools on both MBA programmes and post experience courses. In 1991, he was elected to the distinction of Master Teacher within the International Management Centres.

Tony's Specialty:
People Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership, Team Development, Interpersonal Skills and Presentation Skills. Published author in the field of Training and Development.



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Tony's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Human Resources

Oral presenting ranging from Keynote addresses to lecturing to large and small audiences.

45 Years of Experience

Team Building

Group facilitation-on Team building progs. and action learning sets that have studied for MBA's

45 Years of Experience


Writing-author of several books. The latest will be published worldwide by CIPD in DEC 2003 on Designing and Delivering Training Courses.
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