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Patrick M.
A specialist Consultant from Adelaide, Australia

Business Improvement through People

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Patrick's Consulting Portfolio

30 Years specialisation in
Human Resources

organisation management & process, performance management, organisation development

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30 Years specialisation in
Mergers and Acquisitions

assisting the due diligence through assessment of management teams

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30 Years specialisation in
Change Management

facilitating change management processes

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Patrick M.'s Profile

Business Improvement through People

Patrick founded his management consultancy in 1987 to provide innovative, proactive consultancy services designed to improve and enhance businesses and organisati0ns in the Asia Pacific region.

Patrick's expertise include in the General Management include Strategic Planning & Review, Organisation Studies, Feasibility Appraisal, Project Management, Corporate Planning, Corporate Communication, Program Evaluation, Partnering, Facilitation, Privatisation / Commercialisation, Benchmarking, Business Re-engineering, Change Integration / Management.

Patrick has extensive experience throughout Australia in the development and delivery of leadership development programs.These have ranged from global technical development to management and executive level strategic planning.

In his over 20 years as Principal of a Management Consulting Practice he has led a variety of projects, including the review of organisational structures, internal business processes, such as planning and administrative systems, and external business processes, including customer service.

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Adelaide, Australia

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Registered Psychologist (South Australia & Victoria) Chartered Member of Institute of Management Consultants
organisation time management inspirational to others leader motivation
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