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Patrick M.

A Consultant from Adelaide, Australia

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Bachelor Science (Psychology) Bachelor Education Flinders University
Adelaide South Australia


Change Management
Corporate Governance
Strategic And Business Planning
Business Process Re-Engineering
Performance Management System Design
Installation And Evaluation
Leadership And Management Development Programs
Facilitation Of Improved KPI’s
Knowledge Management
Management / Staff Psychometric Profiling

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Adelaide, Australia

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Patrick's Specialty

Management Consultant and Author with over 30 years of experience

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Patrick's Consulting Profile

Business Improvement through People
Patrick founded his management consultancy in 1987 to provide innovative, proactive consultancy services designed to improve and enhance businesses and organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

Patrick's expertise include in the General Management include Strategic Planning & Review, Organisation Studies, Feasibility Appraisal, Project Management, Corporate Planning, Corporate Communication, Program Evaluation, Partnering, Facilitation, Privatisation / Commercialisation, Benchmarking, Business Re-engineering, Change Integration / Management.

Patrick has extensive experience throughout Australia and beyond in the development and delivery of leadership development programs. These have ranged from global technical development to management and executive level strategic planning.

Patrick has been helping improve organisations for over 30 years. He has recently written a book on an Adelaide based architect to be a global force, utilising Collaborative Management. The challenges still keep coming for managers, boards, staff and consultants !

Organisations utilise Patrick to facilitate the range of strategic planning services, including strategic plans, business plans, corporate governance policies, performance management systems, and profiling.

Lately, corporate governance has been a high priority for all organisations, profit, not-for-profit, government and private companies. Also work life balance has become a personal goal for managers and professionals alike as work and personal stresses take their toll.

Change management is another priority as business models and structures change to counter changed markets, higher costs and employee satisfaction demands, challenge all organisations.



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Patrick's Consulting Expertise

+29 10
45 Years of Experience

Human Resources

Organisation management & process, Performance management, organisation development

+2 1
45 Years of Experience

Mergers and Acquisitions

Assisting the due diligence through Assessment of management teams

+39 4
45 Years of Experience

Change Management

Facilitating change management processes
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