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Steve M.

A Consultant from Cambridge / London, United Kingdom

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Business Strategy & Process Specialist
Steve is a business transformation leader and facilitator who is able to solve organisational challenges, deliver solutions and grow profit.
He can quickly identify organisational strengths and weaknesses; deliver creative development strategies and facilitate proactive change. His expertise is in building, revitalising and optimising company strategy, organisation, people, processes and systems.

Steve facilitates proactive internal change and improves businesses challenged by external change. He is an innovative problem solver who can challenge the status quo; gain commitment and implement solutions that deliver measurable results. Successful with a wide range of organisations in a range of cultures from Fortune 100 global Financial Services companies through to start-ups.

Steve specialises in evidence-based approaches to strategy implementation and business process management - this means that he only recommends methods, tools and techniques that have a proven track record of success.

Qualified to MBA level, with a first degree in Science and Engineering, he has also been elected as a Fellow of the The Chartered Management Institute; the Institute of Consulting, and the Institute of Leadership and Management. In addition, he is a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Panel and the Reuters Insight Network.
After an early career working for organisations such as the BBC and Rolls Royce, He moved into training and consultancy spending 15 years working for Sungard / Sherwood International both here and in the United States.

During this time he worked on IT-driven change projects for dozens of organisations including Axa, New York Life, and The Corporation of the City of London to name just three.

Having returned to the UK after three years living and working in New England, he formed a company to help organisations get into shape for the 21st century by providing solutions to the issues created by the need to transition from the industrial age to the creative age. In this role he has worked with leading international companies and government organisations in Europe, the Americas, The Middle East, Africa and Asia. His commercial clients are drawn from a wide range of industries including Financial Services (Banking and Insurance), Energy (Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Renewables), Logistics, Aerospace.



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Steve's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Business Strategy

Steve has led four businesses with full P&L responsibility as well as internal and external consultant roles, advising on or facilitating strategic planning and implementation.

45 Years of Experience

Change Management

Has been responsible for leading transformation and change in a wide range of organisations. Everything from a three year organisation redesign and transformation to 6 month IT-led change programmes.

41 Years of Experience

Process Facilitation

Board-level process facilitation experience in the EU, US and Middle East. Full range of experience from strategic alignment (Strategy maps, Success Maps etc.) through Design (Organisation architecture and Process Design) to Implementation (Business Process Management, TQM, Six Sigma, Lean, Balanced Scorecard)
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