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Hire Mike M., a brainy Business Trainer from Somerton | Expertbase
Mike M.
A specialist Business Trainer from Somerton, United Kingdom

Business & Management Development Expert

Hire Mike M., a brainy Business Trainer from Somerton | Expertbase
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Mike's Training Portfolio

33 Years
Business Strategy

Expert in all aspects of strategic and tactical aspects of market, business and organisational development.

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33 Years
Marketing (Specialised)

Analysis of market opportunities, product and service portfolio development. Comprehensive understanding of processes to penetrate markets and grow share profitably.

33 Years
Customer Experience Management

How to develop long term customer and client relationships to maximize lifetime value of a customer in both B2B and B2C environments.

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Mike M.'s Profile

Business & Management Development Expert

A very experienced business and people developer he started his working life in retailing. He then moved on to concentrate on small, independent businesses, as a consultant within one of Europe's leading manufacturers and retailer of branded footwear.

Mike was a founder Director of MIL in 1985, a well respected mid-size coaching and consultancy service provider which he developed with two other directors before creating his latest venture.

His is now engaged in providing quality, innovative and client specific solutions to strategic and business development challenges. It is based on four beliefs:

* only strategically sound businesses will prosper long term. There is an ever present need to keep using and reviewing existing strategic skills to confirm the organisation's direction and keep one step ahead of the market and competition .

* every company should accept the probability that there is a terminal threat - a black hole - waiting for it to be sucked into! It needs to understand the nature of that threat.

* accept it is healthy for people to be selfish about their own development and progression and provide support for people to achieve more for themselves

* there is no place for clutter in tomorrow's organisation. Minimising clutter, getting rid of 'stuff' and eliminating bureaucracy leads to "corporate hygiene".

Working with major national and international companies the skill portfolio is centred around strategic and tactical development at the corporate level, designing and delivering highly effective management skills workshops and business development consultancy.

David’s skill portfolio is centred around strategic development at the corporate level, designing and delivering training workshops, conference presentations and distance learning packages

Always taking a personal interest in the companies he deals with, he is keen to follow the progress of people he has coached and strategies he has proposed through his consultancy advice.

He lives in the South West of England with his wife, is very active and believes that if you don’t learn something new every day you are either physically or mentally dead!

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Somerton, United Kingdom

Compact and to the point
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Various magazine articles on retailing and marketing
Practical management experience in all aspects of the stated core competences Intellectual rigour physical stamina and persistence
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