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Martin Keith S.

A Business Trainer from Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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Experienced professional marketeer & Sales Coach
Martin experienced and professional marketer, He has held senior executive positions in a wide range of retail, consumer and service businesses and has practical line experience in marketing, marketing services, buying, supply chain management, operations, financial and administrative activities.

In a marketing services capacity this facilitator has developed brands, communications strategies, communication and distribution channels in retail distribution, the oil industry,[where he changed the style of U.K. Service Station Retailing], financial services, hospitality and, more recently, professional services. Formally trained in strategic marketing at Templeton College, Oxford.

Martin is a change agent ideally suited to provide pragmatic and implemental consultancy advice from a strategic and technical perspective. He founded and developed the Retail Management Centre at The Chartered Institute of Marketing, and rapidly established it?s reputation in Europe. More recently, he founded and developed MI Limited, which is an organisation providing catalytic consultancy and coaching resources to a wide range of businesses in the U.K., Europe and beyond.

This marketer causes individuals and teams to do things differently and better and to do different things from a marketing and sales perspective. He is perceived as a catalyst effecting change for companies? strategic direction and assisting with the implementation via the management teams. He is an entertaining and lively presenter and speaker always with a serious message, able to draw upon illustrative evidences from the market places that are applicable to the circumstances the audience finds them in. His clients around the world include airlines, National Tourist Organisations (travel and tourism), IT companies, retailers, FMCG businesses, Oil Companies professional services companies, electronics and telecoms.

Martin is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketers and is a Freeman of the City of London. He and his colleagues have worked in some 30 countries around the world.

Martin is also a prolific author of material, self-help study programmes, models and processes to assist clients embrace a marketing ethos and to provide cost effective means to solutions.



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Martin Keith's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

From a marketing perspective this facilitator is able to make successful connections between products and services that have been designed and developed to and with customers who need, want or may derive benefit from them.

45 Years of Experience

Marketing Modelling

He has the ability to create visions and scenarios of future opportunities. He has the technical competence to apply research and planning processes, models and templates to identify best opportunities. His tactical marketing professionalism enables him to consider the entire communication spectrum with a view to making the most cost effective connection between product, service and customer.

His ability then to manage relationships in terms of customer service, client relationship, customer relationship management and the development of lifetime loyalty between customers and brands, completes the holistic benefit of a professional marketing attitude.

45 Years of Experience

Business Development

He has an ability to see something which is different and special, so that opportunities may be explored, the results may be exploited and the benefits are to customer and business provider.

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