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Innovative Marketing Techniques

A specialist Business Speaker from Camas, United States

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22 Years specialisation in
Marketing (Specialised)

Ken has spoken throughout the United States at large seminars on "Be the Big Fish" marketing. He has been wildly successful at getting people to understand the moves they need to make to successfully market their business in a new way.

22 Years specialisation in

Ken has created a leadership seminar based on the "Be the Big Fish" model, with a focus on first being an example in business, then building the vision, and finally communicating that vision with the team.

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17 Years specialisation in
Law, Legal Matters

Ken's identity theft seminar analyzes ID Theft in America and the laws surrounding information protection.

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Innovative Marketing Techniques

Ken is is truly a mortgage trainer at heart! His center of operations is based in Vancouver, Washington, though his speaking engagements take him all over the United States.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts at Metropolitan State College of Denver, Ken entered the world of mortgage lending as a loan officer. His lending experience spanned retail to wholesale, which eventually lead him into the position of Regional Trainer of the western United States for a national mortgage banker.

Ken’s vast interactions training brokers and loan officers on conforming, government and non-prime products inspired him to pursue his dream of bringing positive change to the loan industry on a much larger scale. His determination to keep professionals in the business abreast of local, federal and state legislation has given his clients the power and knowledge to conduct business on a fair and compliant basis, thus strengthening their credibility in a highly competitive industry.

Ken is continually expanding his own knowledge base, challenging himself to “step outside the box” and be that one dynamic speaker that his students will never forget. He believes education should be fun and has successfully taught thousands of people nationwide, speaking to all facets of the real estate industry including real estate agents, mortgage brokers, bankers, title and escrow agents, as well as lenders.

National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB)
National Association of Professional Mortgage Women (NAPMW)
Oregon Association Mortgage Professionals (OAMP)

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Camas, United States

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National Association of Professional Mortgage Women National Asscociation of Mortgage Brokers
Energy excitement humour and knowledge are all poured into Ken's seminars There is never a dull moment!
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