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David A.

A Business Speaker from Denver, Colorado, United States

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Best-selling author, popular speaker, trainer & coach
David is known internationally as the “Visibility Coach.” A popular speaker, trainer and executive coach, David has spent over two decades on the front lines of Marketing, Public Relations and Professional Branding. From his experience in healthcare communication to his work in hospitality, high tech, consumer products and not-for-profits, David’s perspective is broad and his proven strategies transcend categories.

David’s eye-opening, informative and surprisingly humorous presentations have become very popular with large organizations, small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to stand out from their competition and become top-of-mind with their top prospects.

His Marketing and Branding presentations have received raves from Los Angeles to Washington, and as far away as Singapore, Bangkok and London. His creative and eye-opening promotional strategies have helped thousands of professionals and business owners, refine their message, build their brands and promote the “unique” aspects of their businesses, products and expertise to consumers and clients around the world.

For coaching clients, David works one-on-one with individuals and business professionals to help them develop a strong public persona, (or marketable "brand") and to raise their profile among their desired audiences. His coaching and consulting clients have successfully crafted their brands, solidified their niche and launched their concepts to eager markets.

In addition to profound insights on brand messaging, discover how David successfully pitched stories to the Today show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC news and in such publications as Entrepreneur magazine, Fast Company, Sports Illustrated, Franchise Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and thousands of other media outlets.

David offers Keynotes Presentations, Workshops, Executive Coaching and Consulting to help business owners:

* Solidify their market niche
* Clearly differentiate themselves from competitors
* Craft a truly marketable and promotable Brand
* Raise their Visibility by becoming more “News-Worthy”

Speaking Clients include:

* Associations of Small Business Owners
* Not-for-profit organizations
* Entrepreneurs
* Information experts, i.e.: Speakers, authors, consultants
* Large corporate meetings (personal branding keynote)



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David's Speaking Expertise

39 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

Two decades of experience in help to raise the profile of clients by successful news media placement and brand positioning. Also strong experience in handling the news media and external audiences in times of crisis.

29 Years of Experience

Branding, Brand Delivery

Helped to launch numerous businesses and products. I now work with many organizations, professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to craft a differentiated, marketable and newsworthy brand.

39 Years of Experience


Media skills training, publicity, client representation, crisis management, message development
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