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Strategic Planning in Marketing and Advertising
Sid is valued in the marketing industry for his ability to isolate key strategic issues that are both practical and profitable. He has a talent for discovering insights and articulating them in a unique (and often humorous) style – both as a writer and speaker. Sid has an impressive track record in the successful implementation of strategy for clients in nearly all categories and sizes - from start-ups to global blue chips.

Sid adds new meaning to the phrase 'been there done that'. He has six months to six years experience in each of the following fields:

Strategic planner (Ogilvy & Mather)
Marketing lecturer (Damelin)
Management consultant (Profit Improvers)
Copywriter (Grey Advertising)
Wholesaler (Heynes Matthew)
Franchise manager (Link Pharmacies)
Retail pharmacist (Chemkay)
Creative director (Leo Burnett Healthcare)
Professional actor (Cape Artists Agency)
Karate instructor (SA Gorei)
Motivational speaker

Some of the brands Sid has helped build:
Liberty Life, Mr Delivery, SABMiller, Inet Bridge, FedEx , Chicken Licken, Incredible Connection, Scooters, Nestle, Iscor, House & Home, and nearly every global pharmaceutical company.

Specialises in:

1. Business, marketing and communications strategies
2. Brilliant as the non-executive marketing director for mid-size clients with fast-growing brands (mainly franchises).
3. Conference speaker and facilitator.
4. Concept and copy (including medical)
5. Mentoring young strategic planners on thinking, writing and presentation skills.

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Sid P.

Strategic Planning

37 Years of Experience
Strategic Planning (or Account Planning) in advertising and marketing is a specialised field requiring a mix of science, art and imagination. I train planners in this somewhat eclectic (yet critically important) discipline.
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Branding, Brand Delivery

37 Years of Experience
Served with multinational agencies such as Leo Burnett and Ogilvy & Mather. An example of the brands I have helped build in Africa include FedEx, SABMIller and Nestle.
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37 Years of Experience
I share my insights at conferences, using what leading brands can teach us about working and personal life. The sessions are entertaining, interactive and relevant.
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Business Articles by Sid

Sid P.
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Why Scientists Struggle With Strategy

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The Seven Deadly Muda Of Pitching

In lean manufacturing lingo, Muda is a traditional Japanese term for activity that doesn't add value - is wasteful. Here are the seven muda as they relate to new business pitching.
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Belief Is Not Action - The 'Uber' Legend Of Pitching

Most people really believe that smoking causes lung cancer. No one wants lung cancer, but people still smoke. When we sign up for the gym, we sincerely ...
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