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Hire Samer Y., a brainy Consultant from Amman | expertbase
Samer Y.  
A Consultant from Amman, Jordan

Regional Management Consultant & Trainer, Mentor & Coach.

Hire Samer Y., a brainy Consultant from Amman | expertbase
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Samer's Consulting Portfolio

Strategic Planning * 18 Years

Did a number of Consulting projects around the region, helping clients plan strategically for their business and follow up in these strategies...
From Vision, Mission, Values, Goals & Tactics... to Understanding & establishing accountability through SMART goals and KPIs.

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Human Resources * 13 Years

Completed a number of projects to develop and implement HR Systems in various companies in KSA...
Including the Grading Structure, Salary Scale, Job Descriptions, Employee Manual, Policies & Procedures.
In addition to conducting a number of Soft Skills programs.

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Business Development * 23 Years

Have been designing and conducting training programs to develop Sales & Customer Service professional in different industries, such as: Telecom, Real Estate, and many other Retail businesses.

Business Development starts from product development, Marketing Strategies, to Sales & Customer Service... as well as designing Loyalty programs.

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Samer Y.'s Profile

Regional Management Consultant & Trainer, Mentor & Coach.

An expert in building national strategies, establishing NGOs and running their operations to reach a sustainable ‎level, Samer is considered a business development expert on both internal and external levels. Conducted ‎management training programs and consultancy projects on a regional level, especially in the field of improving ‎Management Skills and Organizational Structures.‎

Coming from an extensive background in establishing, managing & developing Business Support Organizations ‎‎(or Business Associations), Samer worked on several projects at various levels, from the Strategic planning ‎level to following up on a detailed action plan… as well as monitoring & evaluation roles.‎

Between the years 2001 & 2005, Samer served as the REACH Progress Unit Coordinator, and then the ‎Marketing Manager for the Information Technology Association – Jordan ([email protected]), handling all operations ‎related departments, such as Membership, Marketing, Public Relations, Information & Research. ‎

Samer then moved to handle several “internal consulting” positions in different organizations, such as: an ‎Executive Director for six months for the Institute of Management Consultants & Trainers in Jordan ‎‎(IMC), where a complete revamp of activities and membership services was made. ‎
With Al-Rajwa Investments, served as Deputy CEO and with Tamleek Real Estate Investments & ‎Development as Director of Marketing & Business Development... In both he was responsible for the launch ‎of several projects (and companies) from the initial conception of the idea to the monitoring & evaluation.‎

And most recently as “Senior Training Manager” at Sale for Distribution and Communication Company (an ‎affiliate of Saudi Telecom company – STC). ‎

In addition to the above, Samer has a comprehensive experience in leading and managing non-profit ‎international organizations such as Junior Chamber International (JCI), as a Local Chapter President ‎‎(Amman West), and Toastmasters International, where he established and led several clubs and served as ‎Division Governor, and the chairman of a district-level conference with over 500 participants. ‎

Samer believes that personal and professional development should be the number one priority to all ‎individuals and organizations. And his personal motto: (Knowledge is Power).‎

Currently, Samer travels around the MENA region, delivering training programs and leading a number of consultancy projects that focus on Strategic Planning, Business Development and Human Resources Development.
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Amman, Jordan

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Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) Arab Society for Human Resources Management (ASHRM)
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