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Ratna C.

Globally Experienced Management Professional

A specialist Consultant from New Delhi, India

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Ratna's Consulting Experience

29 Years specialisation in
Strategic Planning

Profit Centre Head in entrepreneurial and Corporate environments with complete P&L, ROI accountability, budgeting & finance responsibilities

Strategic Planning and decision making capabilities in setting up new business units (or Strategic partnerships) with multi-site operations from grass-root levels, benchmarking against competition and implementing of Best Practices

Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Training & Managing vertical business segments, and implementing employee-retention practices

Managing and motivating staff to achieve and maintain high standards of work by leading from the front, setting examples and ensuring effective delegation and empowerment

Planning & implementation of improving bottom-lines through appropriate service-mixes and optimizing resources

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34 Years specialisation in
Research, Development, Design

Working with global OEMs and driving programmes on tight schedules in support of customer¡¦s requirements. Able to take complete accountability for on-time delivery, with highest level of engineering and accurate specification publication

Leading cross-functional Product Development activities (knowledge of all leading CAD / CAE / DMU / BOM tools & processes)

Handling exchange-management - while working with OEM, design-studio, engineering and global manufacturing teams

Managing multiple complex, and multi-location large budget projects from concept design through to final engineering deliverables

Directing implementation of appropriate ISO certifications to improve operations and productivity

29 Years specialisation in
Business Development

Handling high-volume / high-dollar negotiations

Visual and verbal communication skills. Creating and delivering of effective and powerful presentations tailored for customer requirements.

Gathering of Competitive Intelligence & forecasting of Industry Trends. Experience of designing and rolling out marketing plans to penetrate international markets and meeting revenue targets for assigned regions.

Establishing strategic alliances with clients and implementing plans to foster customer relationships, ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and build new client bases.

Propelling global market share and profitability with innovative long and short-term business strategies spanning multiple geographies and Industry segments

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Ratna C.'s Profile

Globally experienced management professional

Ratna is an internationally experienced management professional with extensive experience in planning, launching and managing new services, products and ventures, and helping organizations take advantage of global opportunities.

Whether as a team member or as a consultant, Ratna can work at building, leading, managing, and collaborating with, internal and external as well as geographically dispersed teams with diverse functional and cultural backgrounds to achieve measurable results.

Results-driven professional with Entrepreneurial and Corporate experience and success in driving operational growth, leading start-up efforts, maximizing business opportunities and ensuring compliances with legal & regulatory affairs. Demonstrated abilities in Organizational Leadership by developing best practices & performance optimization systems to meet the operational goals.

Ratna's Specialties:
Globally Dispersed Project Management, Global Sourcing, Engineering Services Management, New Product Development, Innovation Management, Strategic Business Planning, Marketing & Business Development
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New Delhi, India

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Outsourcing & Offshoring of Mechanical Engineering R& D / People Management / Business Development
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