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Simon D.

A Consultant from Marlow, United Kingdom

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Experienced Management Consultant and Trainer
Simon is a professional and experienced consultant, trainer and project manager. Having left the Army in 1993, Simon has held management positions in the NHS, in both Acute and Community Trusts, and became the Customer Service Manager for Psion Ltd, at the time, the leading handheld computing company in the world. Within the IT sector Simon has experience of Customer Services and Technical Support helpdesk operations.

In 1998 Simon joined a US-based management consultancy and training firm. His remit was the design, development and implementation of projects in the Customer Service practice which focused upon improving the customer service experience in call centre and support desk operations. This involved improving performance in clients such as Dell, Sun Microsystems, Siebel, Cisco and other IT and Telecoms clients.

He is Prince 2 qualified and holds an MBA from Henley Business School.

Simon's specialises in:

* Project and Programme Management
* Innovation and Creativity in the business place
* Business Process improvement
* Blended business solutions using bespoke tailored software



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Simon's Consulting Expertise

31 Years of Experience

Innovation Consulting

Can help with:

* Improve brand performance
* Differentiate from competitors (especially in a market where you can’t compete on price)
* Put a structure in place to assess ideas
* Introduce a methodology to transform ideas into projects, from concept to implementation
* Maintain high visibility of ideas and their progress

Has already worked with major thought leaders and innovators in many sectors, including Nokia, Coca-Cola and SAB Miller, to help them develop an integrated innovation process that is core to their success.

31 Years of Experience

Project Management

* Project Audit – assessing your organisation’s performance and the state of your project environment

* Project Training – Open and tailored courses

* Project Consulting – including:

o Model design and best practice approaches
o Installing reporting systems
o Improving project performance
o Linking projects to Innovations
o Project and Strategy
o Improving project performance
o Reducing the costs of project management

* Project Software and Systems – including:
o Web based dashboards providing
Visibility & Control
o Templates reinforcing Best Practice
o Internet or Intranet
o Rapid Application development
o Configurable by clients

31 Years of Experience

Strategic Planning

Will be able to answer the following key questions for you:

* How do you ensure innovation is aligned to your business strategy?

* How do your current business performance, future expectations and tolerance to risk, affect the type of innovation that’s most appropriate for your business?

* Which of the four key areas for innovation is best for your company – New Product Development (NPD), Process Innovation, Market Innovation or Business Innovation?

* What internal and external information do you use to guide your innovation activities, and how do you go about it?

* What are your criteria for filtering out the bad ideas from the good?

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