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Chris V.
A specialist Business Trainer from Johannesburg, South Africa

Business Management Trainer

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Chris's Training Portfolio

25 Years specialisation in
Project Management

Worked as Project Manager in Corporate sector.
Has been facilitating Project Management for past 3 years.
Writes training material in Project Management. Specialized in Project Management whilst completing MBA degree.

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25 Years specialisation in
Event Management

Has organized and implemented sport, business, cultural events. Acts as consultant as well as facilitator on the subject.

25 Years specialisation in

Has developed and presented material in Speed-Reading, Mind-Mapping & Memory-Improvement.

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Chris V.'s Profile

Business Management Trainer

Chris has an extensive background in research, quality systems, performance management, skills development facilitation, and recognition of prior learning, finance for non-financial managers, project management, event management, SMME training, and assessments.

He has developed NQF aligned customized training material for the Insurance SETA, Bank His professional strengths include socio-economic development, change management, management consulting, SETA and ISETT SETA, as well as for KLC.

He has also been involved in training fundamental interpersonal as well as mathematical skills to learners as part of learnerships that were sponsored by the ISETT SETA as well as the Department of Trade and Industry. He drives finance and Human Resources & training departments of the organisation. He looks for strategic opportunities for expansion and growth for the organisation.

Chris is educated and experienced in a variety of disciplines, with an excellent understanding of business principles. These disciplines vary from natural sciences to behavioural sciences to business consulting, market research, training, sales and business development planning.

He has worked as a Science teacher for 5 years, Sold life insurance for 2 years, Worked for 9 years in a Cement manufacturing company in various positions from Quality Control Manager to Customer Service manager.

For the past 8 years he has been involved with training and development as well as business consulting. He is accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority as a facilitator and assessor. He has developed courses that comply with outcomes based requirements, and are hands on, in various disciplines

Experienced in the implementation of ISO quality systems as well as providing training in quality assurance. Designed board game concept on Performance Management for a large IT company.

Chris is highly respected for interpersonal skills, integrity, leadership, and team building.

During 2003 he presented Customer Care courses to Etisalat staff in Dubai. During 2004 he has presented Event management as well as Project Management courses in countries such as Swaziland, Botswana, and Namibia on behalf of an events company by the name of Lab Epitomy.

During 2004 he started with a company wide Customer Care course for the municipality of Johannesburg. He also delivered Customer Care courses at the National Railways Training Institute called Esselenpark in the beginning of 2004.

Chris Travels From
Johannesburg, South Africa

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Goal directed decisive independent enthusiastic persuasive
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Travels from
 South Africa
Citizen of
 South Africa
Walking Member of municipal ward committee
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