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Stefan A.

A Consultant from Waldhambach, Germany

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Stefan's Consulting Profile

Specialist for critical Projects Management
Industrial Experience

25 years of experience in communication technology (7 years of experience in foreign countries – South America and Africa), network technology, satellite reception technology, project management/project manager,

28 years of project experience in the field of development, network concepts, training and education (32 years)

over 18 years of consulting experience in the field of companyanalysis, rearrangement (optimising) of company structures

18 years of consulting experience medical sector (doctors practice and clinics), quality management

15 years of management consulting & coaching

IT-services, wholesale/retail trade, producing industry, libraries, medical sector (doctors practice and clinics)

Functional areas
general/business management, head of IT, technology (development, quality control, service), project management/project manager

Concentration of activities
project management, project management trainer

analysis of companies, order of events, processes

development of computer-concepts, management and realization

Personalbetreuung/-schulung (Analyse, Bedarf und Ausbildung)

Beratung von Vorständen und Geschäftsleitungen

Beratung und Coaching von Projektmanagern

Durchführung professioneller Projektleitungen



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Stefan's Consulting Expertise

39 Years of Experience

Project Management

Our Projects are almost critical in nature and require absolute discretion; our Clients trust on our professional discretion

34 Years of Experience

Risk Management

39 Years of Experience

IT - Information Technology

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