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Frank D B.

A Consultant from Duesseldorf, Germany

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Innovative expert with reliable implementation expertise
Frank earned this reputation during more than 16 years of successfully supporting international companies and organizations in times of change or crisis as an independent consultant, project manager and coach. Experienced in merging state-of-the-art research with innovative, yet practical and efficient, business solutions by using exceptional mix of business management experience, technical expertise, and academic research.

100% proactive and focused on benefits to the client, he has effectively managed the socio-technical dimension in cooperative-cum-competitive business environments. As a facilitator and innovator in project management and virtual teaming, he uses this experience, skills, and confidence as a leader to bring order and structure. With an innate ability to keep individuals and teams on track to reach goals, he provides the drive and focus to maintain the view to achieving long range goals.

As an expert in strategic development and implementation of complex change initiatives and technology projects with special focus in intangible assets, Frank effectively combines industry pragmatism with academic rigour. He earned this reputation during more than 18 years of hands-on experience as interim manager, management consultant and researcher.

Frank completed studies of aeronautics and astronautics at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) in Germany. Later he attained an Executive Master in Business Administration in the Netherlands and conducted doctoral research at the Faculty of Business of the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He is a trained EFQM and GPM Assessor as well as a certified Project Management Professional.

Clients include multifaceted international corporations, as well as progressively-minded small to medium-sized businesses and industries. In his consultancies and projects he collaborates successfully with partners of all sizes, from small teams and departments within hierarchies to decentralised, international corporations with networked structures. His style is to work closely with clients in teams and ensure that the views of all relevant stakeholders are incorporated.

Frank’s Specialties:

Seasoned expert in developing and implementing strategic change initiatives and complex programs / projects. Change and Project Management, Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management, Virtual Teams, Technology and Best Practice Transfer, Communities of Practice, Organizational Network Analysis (SNA/ONA)



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Frank D's Consulting Expertise

38 Years of Experience

Project Management

He helps organisations design and deliver challenging and complex business and technical programs and projects via

- Project Management Environment Assessments
- Project Office Implementation
- Project Management Interim Services
- Project Management Consulting
- Project Audits

33 Years of Experience

Knowledge Management

Given the broad spectrum of contemporary business challenges, he offers the following 'a la carte' knowledge management (KM) services.

- Assessing the potential business value of KM initiatives
- Assessing current practices and business processes
- Developing knowledge-based business strategies and processes
- Providing interim Chief Knowledge Offices (CKO) services
- Designing electronic workspace environments for team collaboration
- Developing lessons learned methodologies and processes
- Facilitating communities of practice (CoP)
- Developing virtual communities and teams

28 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

Effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation - innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction - hinges in large parts on the strength of the relationships of its people. He applies social network analysis (SNA) techniques to produce an x-ray of hidden organizational or team communication or collaboration structures, thus providing managers with both a visual map of the connections among their employees and quantitative data that substantiate the maps and their underlying patterns. Potential benefits:

- Smarter decisions about changing the formal organisation structure or introducing new processes into organisations.
- Insight into the challenges of integration following restructuring, mergers, or acquisitions.
- Accelerate the flow of knowledge and information across functional and organisational
- Identify the thought leaders, key information brokers and bottlenecks.
- Retention of people with vital corporate knowledge.
- Target opportunities where increased knowledge flow will have the most impact.
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