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Highly sought-after Project Management Speaker / Trainer
Richard is an excellent speaker who has had the honor of speaking to thousands of people throughout the world. He is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and on the board of the NSA/Carolinas Chapter.

He is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and energetic person who knows how to motivate his people to exhibit the same traits. Richard is a larger-than-life Project Manager that companies call when they have large, complex change projects to establish and implement, or when they have major problems with their existing projects.

His experience ranges from the dizzy heights of putting a man on the moon as part of the Apollo Program Team, to working as part of the management team that computerized the British Income Tax System. From rescuing and leading the delivery of two major systems for the 43 Police Forces in England and Wales to directing major Programs of work for some of the largest companies in the world!

Richard’s in-depth and varied experience makes him one of the best speakers on Project Management and Life Achievement in the world.

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Book - Over 50 Killer Ideas for Delivering Successful Projects.

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Richard M.

Project Management

45 Years of Experience
Over the last three decades, organisations have spent huge amounts of time and money on all sorts of Project Management tools and techniques, project control methods, development and management lifecycles and Project Management training.

More people are being assigned to manage projects and increased time and effort is being spent on management disciplines. Why then is the project failure rate about the same as it was 30 years ago? What delivers Project Success?

Building on his over 30 years of experience with some of the most visible projects during that time, Richard will show that to achieve Project Success you have to combine hard skills, soft skills, attitudes, behaviours and 'success habits'. This 2-day MasterClass focuses on helping you to put all of these together to manage projects in a different way.

Richard can turn this Project Management MasterClass into a Keynote address for your next management meeting or conference. Just Ask!
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15 Years of Experience
Leadership - an art or a science?

True leadership is based on a number of specific characteristics which all truly great leaders possess. These include things such as a high standard of personal ethics, high energy, courage, the ability to make tough decisions, an urge to create and to innovate along with many other characteristics. However, the most important one is the desire to help others succeed. A true leader is a sevant to his or her people.

Leadership is an art not a science. An effective leader in comparison to a short-term motivator has a lot to do with decisions as to how they lead their lives over the long term in relation to the various leadership characteristics. Explore the leadership characteristics with this speaker and work with him to become a person that people 'want' to work with rather than someone who people 'have' to work with.
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15 Years of Experience
What is the Success Equation?

Richard is a firm believer that success in any endeavour is a combination of both 'Hard Skills' and 'Soft Skills' with 'Soft Skills' being the greater part of the success equation. In addition, managing the achievement of anything is based on about a half-dozen habits that truly great managers have developed throughout their career. These success habits can be learned through trial and error over a long period of time or they can be obtained through keying into the experience of highly successful managers.

Richard has studied and practiced successful management over almost 4 decades and has identified what he believes are the 'Hard Skills', the 'Soft Skills' and the Habits that must be practiced by managers to succeed. If you are interested in becoming a better manager than you are today, you need to hear what this man has to say.
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Business Articles by Richard

Richard M.
11 High-Value, Free, Ad-Free & Full-Text Articles

The Ideal Project Manager Specification

The Project Manager must be able to have the helicopter view and understand the big picture and how his/her project fits into the overall scheme of things.
50   |   9.22 K   |   4 min

The Eight Habits Of Very Successful Project Managers

Success in PM is more about how you tell em' than what you tell em'.
50   |   3.64 K   |   3 min

Directing The Project With A Project Board

As a Project Manager, I feel it is important to have someone or some group you can turn to when you need help to get something done either in the client’s, ...
50   |   3.46 K   |   3 min

"Minister Of Fun" On Your Next Project

"Life is too short not to be having fun."
50   |   3.04 K   |   2 min

Stop Conducting Project Progress Meetings

When I'm running a Project, I want people to continually remember that we are on this project to achieve.
50   |   2.96 K   |   2 min

A Killer Idea For Delivering Successful Information Technology Projects

Why do IT Teams start building before they have it locked down as to what it is they must build? Let’s take a look at a number of reasons why I think they do.
50   |   2.78 K   |   4 min

Co-Locate The Project Team To Help Ensure Success

"I believe that managing a project without the team co-located , especially if part of the team is working at home, is about as difficult as herding cats."
50   |   2.73 K   |   3 min

Identify And Track Unknowns

"Knowing what we don't know and tracking it is the only way to ensure that eventually we know what we don't know. Understand?"
50   |   2.61 K   |   2 min

Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate

One thing that I truly believe in is celebrating success on my projects. I know, a lot of projects have parties at the end of the project but I don't think that is enough.
50   |   2.61 K   |   2 min

Use Workshops To Save Time And Energy On Your Project

What is the one thing that most Projects lack? An abundance of time. Most Projects have a very tight schedule and anything that can be done to save time ...
51   |   2.5 K   |   2 min

Independent Test Or Validation On It Projects

I believe that a Project Manager should establish an Independent Test Team or an individual on your Project Team with the responsibility of ensuring, through ...
50   |   2.48 K   |   3 min

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