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Glenn C.

A Business Speaker from Singapore, Singapore

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Organisation Effectiveness & Talent Management Expert
Glenn is renowned for his energy, creativity and enthusiasm and has held various senior positions with leading Fortune 200 multinational companies throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. He specialises in helping companies manage their human capital, and establish new ways of optimising opportunities for talented, high potential staff.

His presentations are considered thought provoking, practical and motivating. His presentation style aims at creating movement of thought for the listener that leads to fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Glenn has held senior roles in Human Resources, Talent Management, Knowledge Management, Organisation Effectiveness and Learning & Development. He has worked for the most admired knowledge enterprises in the world. His initiatives are considered leading edge and best practice, with awards in Europe and Greater China.

Glenn's Specialties:

Talent Management
Organisation Development
Knowledge Management
Learning & Development
Competency Based Assessment
Global Systems Implementation
Facilitation & Coaching
Sales Effectiveness
Communities of Practice



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Glenn's Speaking Expertise

35 Years of Experience

Knowledge Management

Head of Knowledge Management in Nokia Professional Services
International Speaker on Building Knowledge Enabled Organisations and Dynamic Communities of Practice

35 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

HR Director - Asia Pacific - Premier Farnell
Asia Pacific Head of L&D and Talent Management - Arrow
Global Learning and Development Manager for Nokia
Training Manager Asia Pacific
National Steering Group Member in Telecommunications Industry Training Advisory Board

35 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Global leader in Education and Organisation development
Specialist in Communities of Practice, Capability Development and Assessment
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