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Peter T.

A Consultant from Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Cluster Mgt, Strategy Developer, Implementer & Consultant
Project manager of interdisciplinary work including and integrating arts, academia, media an public involvement; producer of cross-artform events, arts festivals, drama / theatre; also strategy and programme development for non-profit cultural organisations.

Consultant in the area of strategy development and implementation, integrated management systems and community development with a variety of customers from industry, non-profit organisations, charities and the public sector.

Six years as a researcher at ETH Zurich at the interface of industrial psychology and management science; research topics were factory automation and human factors, object-oriented, modular production systems, technology assessment, and the development of integrated management systems.

Dr. sc. techn. in Industrial Management (equiv. PhD) and a degree in Operations Management (Dipl. Ing., equiv. MSc) from ETH Zurich, Switzerland (first degree equiv. BSc in Electrical Engineering).


- Research and knowledge transfer management; clustermanagement automotive
- Mangement of Expertise and Knowledge Management
- Design and facilitation of 21st century style conferences/workshops
- Management consultantcy, particularly strategy development and implementation
- Producer of cultural / artistic projects and events,
- Market/business development for industry, governmental and non-governmental organisations, culture and arts



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Peter's Consulting Expertise

32 Years of Experience

Knowledge Management

He has been working as a KM consultant, advising clients and designing KM systems for the last 5 years. He has been involved in the building of Communities of Practice.

37 Years of Experience

Business Process Analysis

He did Business Process Analysis from a management and psychology point of view with a range of clients in manufacturing, services, and with public sector organisations.

39 Years of Experience

Management Information Systems

He worked as a project manager for MIS in various industries (pharmaceutical, manufacturing, consultancy, research)
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