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Peter T.

Cluster Mgt, Strategy Developer, Implementer & Consultant

A specialist Consultant from Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Peter's Consulting Experience

28 Years specialisation in
Knowledge Management

He has been working as a KM consultant, advising clients and designing KM systems for the last 5 years. He has been involved in the building of Communities of Practice.

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33 Years specialisation in
Business Process Analysis

He did Business Process Analysis from a management and psychology point of view with a range of clients in manufacturing, services, and with public sector organisations.

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35 Years specialisation in
Management Information Systems

He worked as a project manager for MIS in various industries (pharmaceutical, manufacturing, consultancy, research)

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Peter T.'s Profile

Cluster Mgt, Strategy Developer, Implementer & Consultant

Project manager of interdisciplinary work including and integrating arts, academia, media an public involvement; producer of cross-artform events, arts festivals, drama / theatre; also strategy and programme development for non-profit cultural organisations.

Consultant in the area of strategy development and implementation, integrated management systems and community development with a variety of customers from industry, non-profit organisations, charities and the public sector.

Six years as a researcher at ETH Zurich at the interface of industrial psychology and management science; research topics were factory automation and human factors, object-oriented, modular production systems, technology assessment, and the development of integrated management systems.

Dr. sc. techn. in Industrial Management (equiv. PhD) and a degree in Operations Management (Dipl. Ing., equiv. MSc) from ETH Zurich, Switzerland (first degree equiv. BSc in Electrical Engineering).


- Research and knowledge transfer management; clustermanagement automotive
- Mangement of Expertise and Knowledge Management
- Design and facilitation of 21st century style conferences/workshops
- Management consultantcy, particularly strategy development and implementation
- Producer of cultural / artistic projects and events,
- Market/business development for industry, governmental and non-governmental organisations, culture and arts
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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Scientist for Global Responsibility EARMA VDI
Analytical and holistic thinking Broad educational background (management business psychology engineering)
He is activley involved in the arts Co-founder of award winning fringe theatre & arts company "zusammenstoss"
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