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Carolina P.

A Consultant from Brighton, United Kingdom

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Carolina's Consulting Profile

Highly Experienced Quality Management Expert
As an experienced Senior Management Consultant, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and ITIL Management with many years experience driving Six Sigma and Project Management Programmes, Carolina has been involved with a number of diverse projects, gaining extensive experience and knowledge in the financial, marketing, procurement and technologies environments.

Carolina has actively participated as a consultant on several high profile cross-functional projects identifying/recommending process re-engineering improvements and cost saves, she also provided Six Sigma Deployment Methodology Programmes, support and training to a variety of project teams, which included American Express, Sun Microsystems, Credit Suisse First Boston, Citigroup, Cititech, Bank of America and for The Company Customers.

Carolina has worked on projects spanning a variety of divisions, business functionalities (marketing, finance,.) service management solutions (service support; service delivery; IT Infrastructure Management; Applications Management; Business Perspective) and goals (quality enhancement, cost savings, process improvement, and technical development).

During these projects, she has served in a variety of roles (Project Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt, Service Deliver Consultant, Project Lead, Subject Matter Expert, Technical developer) and applied a variety methodologies (AEPM, Method/1, Six Sigma, ITIL, Prince2). Further, these methodologies have given her exposure to a variety of tools - Process flows, Fishbone, Histograms and Hypothesis testing, control charts, and CBA analysis.

As part of her roles Carolina worked with, project managers, project teams, business partners and leadership teams to define service level management to ensure agreed services where deliver, service support requirements, reengineering solution, decommission processes and specify optimum designs for subsequent development, (time, scope and money being major denominators for these solutions). Controlling risk and issues during development by taking stop-go decisions and reviewing deliverables are also a major part of her roles.

One of my major strengths is her ability to communicate and knowledge share at all levels. In addition to being a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Carolina has additional skills and experiences, which will be of benefit to your Company, such as Languages (Spanish & French) and extensive Project Management experience.

Clients include American Express, Sun Microsystems, Credit Suisse First Boston, Citigroup, Cititech, Bank of America.



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Carolina's Consulting Expertise

33 Years of Experience

Business Process Analysis

Six Sigma, Cobit, QFD, SPC, ITIL

* Six Sigma training courses, certification & workshops
* ITIL training courses, certification & workshops
* Prince 2 workshops, training & certification

28 Years of Experience


NLP - in Spanish, French, English

Carolina keeps developing her professional skills by training on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Dr Richard Bandler in 2005 she completed all the NLP trainings and was certified by the The Society of NLP(tm) as a NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Train the Trainer.

Carolina has facilitated and Delivered numerous conferences, workshops and formal training programmes across Europe, US and Latin America teaching the Methodology of Six Sigma, NLP, Effective Communication and her Skill & will quadrant approaches.

36 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Six Sigma - Prince 2, ITIL, Communication Skills
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