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Susan H.

A Business Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Susan's Specialty

Excellent ability in facilitating English language and the visual arts in practical and hands on situations. A skilled teacher in a range of cultural settings. An engaging and empathetic speaker.

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Susan's Training Profile

Communication and Training Expert
With over 20 years of experience in Europe, The Middle East and Australasia Susan is a skilled trainer in communication, both written and spoken. She has worked with companies and govenment institutions such as Lukoil, BATELCO, The Bahrain Monetary Agency and Trinity College.

Holding a doctorate in visual literacy and having a strong background in the visual arts, her training technique incorporates the use and interpretation of images.

Many people have a strong visual people learning style and Susan taps into this in her training sessions, along with a hands on experiential approach. She is equally at home working with absolute beginners, one to one or in group scenarios and is able to tailor training to your needs.



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Susan's Training Expertise

31 Years of Experience


A skilled trainer in communication techniques, presenting, report writing and business communications of all types.

41 Years of Experience


A strong background in Art History and Cultural Studies and cultural awareness. Able to convey knowledge of the art world in a engaging manner.

41 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Strong background in course design and implementation, with the ability to identify core issues in assessment, learning, teaching and training
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