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Radhika B.

Customer Relations & Communication Consultant

A specialist Consultant from Pune, India

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37 Years specialisation in

Radhika specializes in Corporate Communications and Public Relations and Corporate Training in the area of skills including communication, presentation, marketing and sales, interview techniques, time management and cross culture & culture at the work place.

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37 Years specialisation in
Customer Care, Service

Trained large multinationals in the areas of soft skills, cross cultural training, communications skills, accent neutralisation, British English, US accent, customer care, global executive development, motivation training, presentation skills, international airline cabin crew training & recruitment etc.

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37 Years specialisation in
Language, Culture

Writing and idea creation, branding, communications and public relations &media relations

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Customer Relations & Communication Consultant

Radhika is a senior communications professional with over 20 years of experience in diverse industries like International Aviation, United Nations and Corporate Consultancy.

She played a senior role in customer relations management, was the Special Assistant to the Under-Secretary General, United Nations and presently, a Mumbai based Corporate Training Consultant, Coach and Mentor with clients from global IT companies, Multi-national companies and Banks.

Radhika has considerable training expertise is in the area of communications, customer relations, marketing and sales, presentation and articulation, etiquette and cultural sensitivity. She lived abroad for 15 years and have extensively travelled to all continents. Speaks eloquently and articulates impressively.

She has written a novel which is in line for publication, acted in main stream Bollywood films, a professional singer with an album ready for marketing and image consultant.

Radhika has been involved in developing communication plans - media and non-media activities, building and developing media relations, planning events, speaker opportunities besides Business Development, recruitment, handling the five verticals - media relations, advertisements, sponsorships, brand building, stakeholders engagement and internal communications - brochures, leaflets, website, corporate films etc. Has worked with international news networks like BBC, CNN, Al Jazira and others abroad.

Radhika has worked in an international work environment with as much a 42 different nationalities in one single company. Her personality traits exhibit dynamism, assertiveness, amiability, motivation glamour and focus. She feels best enthused in a challenging work environment with multi-tasking opportunities and deadline based assignments.

Radhika’s Specialties:
Writing and idea creation, branding, communications and public relations &media relations

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Pune, India

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A dynamic personality with the ability to communicate globally motivate and develop people
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I have valid visas for UK and US and can be available for training on short notice. I can also avail a Schengen visa if required.

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