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Carrington M.

A Consultant from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Carrington's Specialty

I help fast-growing ventures position their brands for success and advise CXOs on communications and marketing strategies for a world that is fast defaulting to AI-first communications. I also help global firms with go-to-market strategies for Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East region.

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Carrington's Consulting Profile

Marketing Consultant - Emerging Tech
Carrington is an entrepreneur, marketing professional and consultant who has been closely involved in new technologies, innovation, technology investment and national technology initiatives for most of his working life. As a consultant he helps companies, startup ventures and public sector organisations to develop strategies for communications, marketing and digital initiatives, leveraging new technologies.

He has worked across almost every sector of technology, with client experience that includes Cisco, IBM, Inmarsat, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Nortel, Orange and many more. Carrington has helped dozens of technology leaders build their brands in diverse, multi-country markets, establishing leadership in brand awareness, demand for products and services, thought leadership and CSR. He also has a long track record in developing world-class strategy for brands who find themselves at the centre of technology disruption and need to define their place in new ecosystems, develop new markets and help shape new technology paradigms.

Carrington is a co-founder and advisor for various startup ventures. He also writes about AI and other emerging technologies for various media, and about the future impact these technologies will have on business, government and society.



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Carrington's Consulting Expertise

37 Years of Experience


Ready to provide marketing and communications advice and results-focused planning to maximise use of budget and overcome market challenges. Ability to implement globally via one point of contact.

37 Years of Experience

Marketing - Country, Sector specific

Able to provide a high standard of strategic planning and campaign planning taking into account competitive, political, economic and other market issues (particularly common pitfalls for international firms entering new emerging markets).

37 Years of Experience


Extensive experience in developing brand positioning and strategy for brand, communications and marketing. My planning is often used by c-suite, company boards and investors.
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