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Prasad M n, SLN FastTrack, a specialist Executive Coach from Pune/Mumbai | Expertbase
Prasad M.

Business Coach And Mentor

A specialist Executive Coach from Pune/Mumbai, India

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Prasad's Coaching Experience

32 Years specialisation in

One of India's Call-Center Industry's most well-known English Language voice and accent optimisation specialists.

Have run 100 + programs on enhancing Communication Skills and Presentation Skills, using fundamental concepts that facilitate a basic understanding of what communication is all about.

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32 Years specialisation in

Have interacted with MBA and audiences with the aim of playing the role of a career-coach. Also run workshops to help call-center executivess become good coaches for their teams.

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42 Years specialisation in
Customer Care, Service

Expert on Customer Care & Service for almost all my career. Have applied this extensively for use at Call-centters since 2000

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Prasad M.'s Profile

Business Coach and Mentor

With almost 38 years in Customer Service, Communications & HR Intervention, Prasad has held senior marketing/customer-service positions for more than 20 years. During this tenure, as a visiting management teacher and corporate trainer, he has also taught Marketing, Customer Care, and Communications to MBA & corporate audiences for over nineteen years.

A post-graduate from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, Prasad also holds a Certificate in Corporate Planning under the Executive Development Program from the same institution.

He served as Vice President (HR), at Intelenet Global Services Ltd, Mumbai from Oct 2000-Mar 2002. Since April 2002, he has been advising BPOs in Mumbai & Pune on customer-service delivery processes, talent transformation, including training & related intervention.

With a passion for customer satisfaction, Prasad has been zealously training & motivating corporate teams for service delivery. He has designed and run various seminars/workshops aimed at helping executives enhance not only their customer-service skills but also their productivity levels, in general. During the late nineties, he ran a series of 2-day programmes on Communication Skills for Siemens, across the country.

Prasad has also trained at HDFC, Standard Life, TCS and a host of other organizations. He has also been a visiting faculty at the Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad (sponsored and run by the high-profile Taj Group of Hotels). In addition to doing programs on Communication Skills, Assertiveness Building, Negotiation, Time Management, and other self-development topics, Prasad also coaches executives on enhancing their spoken and written English ? his program PEELS (Program for Enhancement of English Language Skills) has been a great success.

Prasad enjoys reading both management and serious fiction. He also does professional writing (including ad copy and web-content) and voice-overs. An essay of his titled ?Musings of a Marketing Mind Meandering into Man Management? was very well received. If you want a free copy of this essay, please write to Prasad. Teachings of gurus like Edward de Bono and Stephen Covey have had a great effect on him; he is a strong believer in the ?corporate soul?.
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Pune/Mumbai, India

Compact and to the point
Prasad's Achievements

Have started coneptualizing a book on Negotiation Skills for the Indian business scene - might take a year os so before it reaches publication stage
* Finely honed marketing skills aimed at creating sustained customer delight * Possess a bloodhound??s nose for spotting talent * Firm believer in self-development and creating an atmosphere for people to empower themselves and thrive through diligence and dedication * 12+ years of independent multi-faceted consulting experience (1990-2000 and Apr 2002 onwards) * Excellent command over the English Language (written & spoken) * Expert Corporate Coaching & Training Skills * Willing to work anywhere in the English-speaking world at short notice * Extremely fit and energetic (physically & mentally) ?V consider myself employable by contact-centres and be a high performing asset at the corporate level up to the year 2015 at least
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* Enjoy playing bridge * Listening to Indian classical music * Reading literature on mind-body healing and Past Life Regression
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