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Mark D.
A specialist Consultant from Northallerton, United Kingdom

Consultant, Trainer and Coach

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In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In 19 Days
Arrives 10 Dec 2019
Departs 12 Dec 2019
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Mark's Consulting Experience

29 Years specialisation in

I have worked in the field of Influential Communication for over 20 years. Influential Communication is an umbrella term for the skills and techniques used to get other people to change their behavior. As such, it has applications in Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Coaching and Customer Service

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29 Years specialisation in
Sales (Specialised)

Although I am able to cover all aspects of selling, from a strategic to an individual level, it is my incorporation of the latest theories (e.g NLP, Social Styles) that allows me to tailor an offering to any business sector or customer. I worked in Sales and Marketing within Pharmaceuticals for nearly 20 years. I am able to cover telesales as well as face-to-face.

29 Years specialisation in

I use John Adair's "Action Centred Leadership" model, which was developed my modelling great leaders in industry and the military. I use this model as the basis of all of the Leadership training and coaching that I run.

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Mark D.'s Profile

Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Mark is a consultant, trainer and coach who is much sought after and highly regarded within the field of influential communication (the skill of getting other people to do what you want them to). Comfortable working one-to-one or with groups of any size, clients include the NHS, a variety of SMEs, and several national and international businesses.

As a partner with Business Link, Mark regularly ran sales & marketing workshops targeted at both new and existing businesses. Always well received, these workshops consistently attracted audiences of 50-60 people because of the enthusiastic and engaging approach that Mark takes.

An NLP Master Practitioner and accredited by TRACOM to run Social Styles, Mark incorporates a variety of approaches to produce a potent mix of learning and development tools covering sales, marketing, leadership, management and all aspects of influence.

Influential communication, sales and marketing, leadership, management, learning and development, NLP

"It helped to nearly double our turnover"

"After attending one of Mark’s seminars recently we immediately implemented the lead tracking mechanism into our business. Prior to doing this we had absolutely no idea how effective our advertising and marketing was. The result is that we have since learned how to measure and analyse the results generated from our campaigns and make the necessary adjustments as required. We firmly believe that this is a significant factor in our success since." - Andy Shuter, MD, Frontline-Solutions Ltd

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Northallerton, United Kingdom

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