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Vibhor A.

A Consultant from New Delhi, India

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Persuasion Expert, Direct Response Marketer & Copywriter
Vibhor is famous for his popular persuasion mastery workshops conducted in major cities of all over India in which he teaches applications and techniques of Persuasion in Personal & Professional Development.

His company conducts Public Workshops periodically to teach ethical applications of Persuasion in different areas like Sales, Leadership, Team Building, Self-Esteem, Peak-Performance, Politics and Relationships. These workshops are facilitated by Vibhor who is an exceptional communicator and teacher on Persuasion applications. He is the leading Persuasion expert in Asia and strongly believes in ethical applications of Persuasion for self-motivation and motivating others to take action.

He speaks and runs workshops about the science & art of Persuasion and its applications to a wide variety of business, government and non-profit organisations. He is a gifted and creative presenter, combining a wide variety of experience with an in-depth knowledge of science, art and practical applications of Persuasion not only in business world but also in other fields where ethical persuasion skills can be utilized. He firmly believes in the life-long continuous process of self-improvement to achieve Mastery in any skill.

Vibhor spends much of his time coaching and training others on the ethical business applications of the science and art of Persuasion. He is also a licensed NLP Practitioner from London, UK and learned science and applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming directly from the Co-Creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. Vibhor is a superb speaker and trainer on the topic of Persuasion.

Apart from Public Workshops, Vibhor A. conducts In-House Training Programs for his corporate clients in all types of industries covering topics like Sales & Motivation

Topics covered in Training Programs:

Sales Trainings; Corporate Trainings; Persuasion Workshops in Sales, Direct Response Marketing, Peak Performance Business Development, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).



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Vibhor's Consulting Expertise

20 Years of Experience

Sales - Specialised

Selling through Persuasion Skills
Vibhor is a life long student of Persuasion, infact he looks all the activities in the world through the eyes of a Persuader.

In his Persuasion Mastery Workshops, Vibhor often says that in today's competitive Business scenario Convincing your customers is not enough. In this information age, everyday Customer is encountered with so many similar & different products & services along with so much information about these products & services that customer gets confused, mentally paralysed to take any decision & action to buy suitable product & service. To avoid this anxiety and also time delay, customers start behaving mindlessly & mechanically even in taking important decisions related to purchase. Also due to bad experiences customer develops huge resistance against Sales & Marketing people. That's why Sales Pros should have ethical Persuasion skills to persuade customer to take action in their favour and best interests. It should be a win-win situation.

Vibhor says that Persuasion skills are not only applicable in Sales & Marketing, but also in other areas like Leadership, Management, Team Building, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Motivation and Peak Performance, etc. Vibhor has developed different Programs related to applications of Persuasion.

Moreover Vibhor believes that its not only important that you learn these skills but also you have to Master these skills in order to become Super Salesman.

18 Years of Experience

Professional Development

Professional Development

Vibhor believes in continuous improvement and becoming better & better everyday whether its in Professional Development or Personal Development.

After Schools & Colleges, most people are not even bothered to learn new things and update themselves related to new research, technology and studies which have been done in their respective profession.

So many people are doing same work and delivering same results or even their performance is getting worse day by day which is causing so much insecurity and frustrations due to increase in competition and expectation from their employers or customers.

As per Vibhor, one of the most important skills for People is their earning skills. That's why you have to learn each and everything related to your Profession and even in other areas which might help them to grow professionally.

Vibhor has a mantra that "Life is a continuous Learning Process. When Learning stops Growth Stops."

Vibhor says, "Don't chase towards money, infact, develop your self Personally & Professionally that money chases you." Vibhor shares so many worldwide facts, examples, stories, starategies, techniques, latest tools, technology which will help individuals to grow personally and professionally.

Vibhor's friends and colleagues refer Vibhor as a Learning Machine, who is still so much passionate and enthusiastic to learn new things as he was many years back.

18 Years of Experience


It is through Persuasion process that we lead, generate and manage change. Persuasion is a tool can be applied both positive or negative side. On positive side Persuasion can be employed to foster growth, and to move people away from negative choices and in more positive directions thereby creating the conditions for new opportunities.

Leaders are using Persuasion as a tool to implement new ideas, strategies, initiatives and changes for the growth of their organizations. Especially in those cases where old employees are not ready to accept new changes and initiatives, Persuasion is playing a big role in getting the work done.

On the negative side some people are employing unethical persuasion practices to create resentment and conflict in the organizations and society.

Therefore, it is very important for those wishing to lead effectively to understand fully the workings of Persuasion process. Scientific study on Human Behaviour is now available for leaders on how, when and why people say yes to persuasion attempts. The Persuasion process is so powerful that it can generate desirable change in the widest range of circumstances.

Vibhor has developed special Program on Mastering Persuasion in Leadership & Motivation, emphasised on the non-manipulative use of the persuasion applications so that those who are persuaded feel personally committed to the new direction and to their relationship with the leader.

All Training programs developed by Vibhor are based on extensive practical knowledge and real-life experiences of world's greatest persuaders, leaders and salespeople. Vibhor is life-long committed to provide insights, strategies and tactics for specific business challenges.
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