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Gerard A.

A Business Trainer from Chennai, India

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Gerard's Specialty

Specialises in Corporate Training, among the only ones in our part of the World to be listed under the Who's Who of Training & ranked on top on all search engines!
We specialize in Solutions to help People Grow & Businesses Soar..Focusing in 3 Core Competencies: People : Performance : Profit

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Gerard's Training Profile

Top-rated Sales,Debt Collection,Etiquette & Self Dev Trainer
Gerard is a graduate in Economics, a PGD in Management (HRD) & holds a Doctorate in Leadership.

Gerard holds several International Qualifications in Sales, Collections, Training & Teaching, and is a Fellow of the prestigious Institute of Sales & Marketing Management - UK, a Certified NLP Practitioner, a Certified Trainer, an Accredited Management Teacher-Behavioural Sciences, a Certified Competency Facilitator and a Certified Management Consultant - (the International credentials of a professional management consultant, awarded in accordance with global standards of the ICMCI); He is also a Member of the Institute of Management Consultants with several years experience in varied industries. He holds an Etiquette Consultant Certification from the USA & was also a recipient of a scholarship for extensive training in Japan.

Gerard is Chief Executive of an organization focusing on 3 Core Competencies: People. Performance. Profit; in functional areas of Sales & Marketing, HR & Organisational Development, covering Recruitment, Training & Consultancy.

His specialisation is in the area of Sales Training (Basic, Advanced levels, Presentation, Negotiation, & Managerial Skills for all sectors), Retail Sales, Customer Service & Customer Retention Programs, Training for Prevention & Collection of Debt, Self & Personal Development Programs (Time Management, Teamwork & Team Building, Business Etiquette & Personal Grooming, Leadership & Managerial Skills, People Management Skills, Train-the-Trainer etc), including Preparation of Custom-designed Business Manuals for Internal & External use.

Besides public programs conducted regularly, he serves some of the top names from Single Owners to large Public & Government undertakings, covering all sectors, for their in-house needs.

Gerard is author of 3 books with 5 upcoming books to be released shortly.



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Gerard's Training Expertise

44 Years of Experience

Sales - Specialised

Professional Sales Training (Selling Skills)
* Field
* Telephone (Basic Skills & Advanced)

Prevention & Collection of Debt for any general sector
Tele-Collection for the Call center industry

Selling Skills for specialized sectors like:
* Media, Retail, Insurance & Finance , Realty, FMCGs, Telecom, Pharma etc,
* Coaching Skills for Sales Managers
* Retail Sales Training

Key Account Management
Managerial Skills for Frontline Sales Managers
* Negotiation Skills
* Presentation Skills
* Customer Service

Complaints Handling
Front Office/ Reception Skills
Tele-Answering Skills
Call Center Training
Growth Strategies & Selling in a Recession

29 Years of Experience

Corporate Etiquette and Protocol

For a polished professional image programs for Adults & Teens / College Grads - Because people make 90% of their lasting impression in the first 90 seconds!

- Business & Social Etiquette Skills for Adults
- Business Dining Skills for Adults
- Etiquette & Personal Grooming for Teens/College Grads
- Dining Skills for Teens/College Grads

39 Years of Experience

Personnel Development

* Train the Trainer Program
* Competency Mapping
* Time Management
* Goal Setting
* Team Work & Team Building
* Problem-Solving & Decision Making Skills
* Motivation
* Leadership
* Presentation Skills
* Business Writing Skills
* Business Proposal Writing Skills
* Winning in Life/ Failing Gracefully
* Business Etiquette/Professional Manners
* Energizers/Games
* Training with Puppets
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