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Omar S.

A Business Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Marketing Excellence Practitioner
Omar is an experienced marketing practitioner with 25 years of international marketing management experience in the chemicals and construction industries. This broad base of commercial and business experience has covered markets in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and North Asia.

Omar currently runs a Dubai based marketing excellence practice, which delivers to clients practical, results oriented, B2B marketing and leadership programmes, directly impacting their bottom line. Third Eye’s clients include Shell, Dow Chemical, Degussa, ICI Paints, and Fosroc International. Examples of the value delivered:

• Through implementation of a customer value management model, client realigned their focus towards newly developed high value segments in the construction market. New offerings delivered through development of targeted marketing channels resulted in a margin increase of 12% and added over USD 3 million to the bottom line in 6 months.

• Following implementation of his selling process and focus on customer value management productivity per sales person increased by an average of 60% and customer retention improved by 20%.

• Implementation of a new business delivery model to a newly defined market segment for construction products distribution increased revenues by 15% in a three month period adding 5% to the bottom line.

Prior to establishing his company, he held senior business leadership positions in two Fortune 100 organisations, including the Dow Chemical Company, where he led several business units to greater value growth through the development and implementation of a global market orientation and marketing planning process.

Omar is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the European Marketing Academy. He is also affiliated with many other professional education and development organisations, where he delivers various leadership and marketing programmes.



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44 Years of Experience

Marketing - General

25 years of hands on sales, marketing and customer value management experience at national, regional and global levels in leading Fortune 50 global organisations including The Dow Chemical Company, Burmah Castrol, and bp.

44 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

44 Years of Experience

Sales - Specialised

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