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Michael D.

A Consultant from Kingston Ontario, Canada

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Executive Marketing Consultant
This facilitator is the consummate marketing professional focused on providing his clients with unparalleled strategic marketing programs and flawless execution. He is equally comfortable providing executive-level consulting to a CEO and executive team of a mid market company poised for growth or the CEO of a multinational challenged by the complexity of developing markets and managing brands on a global basis.

He has a 35-year history as a marketing executive and academic. He has worked at the executive level with responsibilities for ?Fortune 500? companies at both the national and global level. His international marketing experience extends from North America and Europe to Asia Pacific.

His vast experience as both an executive and consultant has been augmented by over 14 years as a marketing academic as a professor at one of the USA best business schools. He was awarded Citibank Excellence in Teaching Award and mentioned several times on Business Week?s outstanding faculty list in the Guide to the Best Business Schools.

This rare combination of the practical and the academic provide his clients with up-to-date marketing ?best practices? with the knowledge and experience to transform robust marketing concepts into tangible and durable results for his consulting clients.



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Michael's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Marketing - General

He has 35 years experience in all aspects of marketing including market research, market segmentation, branding as well as the strategic management of the complete stream of marketing activities from concept to execution. His experience includes work as an executive, consultant and academic.

45 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

He has market segmentation and related development of branding strategies as marketing specializations as well as market research.

45 Years of Experience

Strategic Management

He not only faciltates the development of marketing strategies but also provides strategic management support. Serviced clients in consumer packaged goods, services and technology companies primarily on East & West coasts of North America. Set up marketing departments, designed marketing plans, established distribution structures and sales forces, directed advertising, promotion and public relations activities, designed and delivered executive training programs and served on management planning boards.

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