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Ian T.

International Trainer / Consultant

A specialist Business Trainer from Glasgow, United Kingdom

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37 Years specialisation in
Strategic Management

A chartered accountant with international business experience; development of mission, vision, strategy; selling the message; delivering the goals; particular expertise in financial and HR dimensions of strategy.

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37 Years specialisation in

Development and delivery of programs on Leadership in many different countries and environments; Programs include Leadership Competencies, Inspirational Leadership, EQ and Leadership, Managing People Effectively;

* identifies leadership capabilities
* develops leadership capabilities
* enhances organisational, divisional and team performance
* coaches executives

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27 Years specialisation in
Change Management

Capable of assisting in diverse ways - reviewing and implementing strategy, communication strategies, process re-engineering, creativity and innovation, customer surveys, company turn-arounds, implementation of new IT systems.

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International Trainer / Consultant

Ian has been involved in international business for more than 20 years and has coached business builders in more than 30 countries. He holds qualifications in business, consultancy, training and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and he is passionate about people and their talent development. Most recently, he has been delivering consulting assignments in the UK, Australia and Thailand and learning events in Europe and the Middle East with such companies as Qatar Petrochemical, Adgas Abu Dhabi, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and Saudi Aramco.

With a background in multi-national corporations, he has been involved at senior management level in strategy development, financial management and corporate transformation. He has directly built a number of small businesses. He has developed an understanding over this time of the necessity to recruit and develop talent in an organisation to deal with the fast changing business environment. Ian addresses the areas of leadership, creativity and innovation, emotional intelligence, communication and personal ethics.

With an MA in Economics and Finance, he is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and the Chartered Institute of Management. He is recognised as a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning. He is a master practitioner of neuro-linguistics, having studied in the USA and the UK. A former director of the Association of NLP (UK), he finds many of the techniques useful in coaching and delivering learning programs.

He is an associate of Kahler Communications Europe, providing training in Process Communication Management. The program teaches positive communication processes with individuals and within groups; it assists in effective leadership and motivation and is very effective in dealing with customers. Developed by Dr Taibi Kahler, advisor to the NASA shuttle program, Process Communication is an exceptional tool to deliver immediate value in organisations going through major change programs.

In 2001, he became an associate of Professor Dr. Leonard Yong, one of the foremost behavioural psychologists in the world. A Fulbright scholar who has worked in many parts of the world on emotional intelligence and creativity, he has developed an exceptional profiling system the Leonard Personality Inventory. Recognised by many as superior to Myers Briggs etc, he is a recognised proponent of this methodology and can deliver programs around the profiling in leadership development, emotional intelligence and creativity.

Ian's Specialties:
Leadership and Management Development, Business Development Excellence, Sales and Customer Service, Personal Development, Psychological profiling and corporate services
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Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland Fellow of the Instituteof Training and occupational Learning Member of the Chartered Management Institute
Comfortable in the international business arena a player in the game of business confident and capable as a presenter negotiator trainer coach and mentor Good listener good communicator
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United Kingdom
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