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Colin R.

A Consultant from Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom

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Colin's Consulting Profile

Leadership Consultant - Maximising Talent & Performance
Colin heads an international leadership and consultancy practice which was established over 20 years ago. He works with many large multinational organisations, consulting, designing and delivering programmes, both in across Europe and in America.

Colin helps individuals, teams and organisations release their talent and energy, enabling them to deliver extraordinary results.

He works closely with clients to identify their specific outcomes, then design and truly deliver against those with engaging, lively, inspired solutions.

Whether you need increased performance, an engaged workforce, resolution of ongoing problems that inhibit your results or development of your people, Colin provides quality interventions.

Upon returning to work, participants possess the skills and attitudes and identify the actions that make a positive and sustained difference, for them, their team and their organisation. His approach, which involves engaging the mind, body & emotion is powerful and demonstrates clear return on investment.

Colin has taught and practiced Karate-do around the world for the past 40 years. He is also the successful author several books.

All consultants who work with Colin are black belts in Karate-do and use the wisdom of this great art in their training, helping people to engage the intelligence of their body as well as their intellect in the learning.

Colin is regularly asked to speak at conferences throughout Europe. He contributes articles to a variety of publications, including Harvard Business Review, HCM, The Manager & Management Today magazines.



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Colin's Consulting Expertise

36 Years of Experience

Change Management

I work with organisations helping them deal with their 'White Water' environment - constant change, turbulence & noise. I worked with HP/Compac during their merger and several other organisations to align the new business and drive performance.

36 Years of Experience


I help leaders and managers develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours to release their own and their team potential.

36 Years of Experience

Corporate Culture

Organisations need the right enviroment for any learning programme to embed - I work with Exec and Board teams to ensure the top team iand their strategy s aligned against their mission, vision and values.
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